Lamenting The Overland Park Lowe's

A postscript on the destruction of Metcalf South and broken dreams discussed from a street level perspective. Take a look:

Dreams Crushed in North Overland Park

FUCK NO! WE GET A LOWES! Have you driven by the area? What a damn joke. Right across the street from it is a freaking HOME DEPOT so the area really doesn't need a new hardware store let alone a hardware store that already has several locations in the area.


  1. Lowe's is better, build it, and tear down Home Depot.

  2. Did anyone else have a seizure looking at that website? Fucking blazing blue on the black background....I think I'm blind now.

    He's right though, a Lowe's across the street from HD....WTF?

  3. LEAD PHOTO - What does Troy Shulte have to do with this?


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