Lady Ballers Mostly Ignored In Kansas City

While it's probably hate speech to debate the merits of Title IX, the reality is that local crowds are light and this festival of b-ball played under the rim doesn't really excite or inspire Downtown crowds.

On the bright side, the competition is pretty intense and the skills on display are remarkable . . . Tickets are also cheap with good seats still available far away from the more annoying college fanboys. Read more:

NCAA women's basketball tournament comes to Kansas City this weekend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- College basketball returns to Kansas City this weekend as the Sprint Center hosts part of the NCAA women's tournament. Mississippi State and North Carolina State Universities play in a Sweet 16 matchup at 6 p.m. Friday. Texas and UCLA play in the second game of the evening.


  1. A good boys high school team could take that tournament.

  2. Unless the "Lady" ballers play in g-strings and topless, you aren't going to get anyone in the door. Honestly, the "girls" have to wax their mustaches to keep from being mistaken for shorter male players.


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