Kraske Claims Kansas Congressman Yoder Is In Trouble Whilst Touting Corporate Democrat

Here's the latest prognostication from the journalism professor who also has picked Council Lady Jolie Justice as the early leader in the local mayoral race as he touts the leading JoCo corporate opposition. Read more:

The most vulnerable congressman in Missouri or Kansas? Take a bow, Kevin Yoder

Republican Congressman Kevin Yoder heads into the 2018 elections more vulnerable than he's ever been. How vulnerable? Let us count the ways. For one, the last time I checked, no fewer than six Democrats were running for Kansas' 3rd District congressional nomination. A seventh, Andrea Ramsey, was in the race until allegations of sexual harassment surfaced.


  1. As usual, Kraske lets his blatant political biases get in the way of gathering real facts or offering anything that even resembles an objective analysis.
    Has he actually looked at the Dem candidates running against Yoder?
    The roster looks like the bar scene in the old Star Wars movie.
    The clueless Dems in DC are actually targeting this race as a tossup and will blow substantial bucks, and all for naught.
    Yoder by at least eight points.
    Thanks for playing.

  2. Sidie 2018!

  3. is ths fake news or uninformed opinion?

    absurd. bush league.

  4. The Trump puppet retires this spring. He'll quit before he gets fired.

    It's not a good year for those skinny dipping in the swamp.

  5. I think this is wishful thinking on the part of Kraske -Yoder is a solid, middle of the road Republican with no major policy or character mistakes (skinny dipping is probably the worst). Hard to rally the troops to elect a democrat in a solidly red district. Perhaps his friends in NE JoCo think otherwise but they are the minority in the district.

  6. What about his covered up DUI??

    This solidly red district voted for Clinton over Trump.

    A "middle of the road" Republican sounds a lot like a RINO. Yoder did vote for the recent $1.2 trillion half year budget and tons of new debt that has conservatives pissed. The tea party people will not show up to support him. He also supporting the illegal from Lawrence.

    Both the 2nd and 3rd district are going blue in November.


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