KCMO Passenger Drones Coming Soon???

Here's a fun tidbit from this week's tech talk . . . Three experts discussed the future of transportation and passenger-carrying drones Wednesday as part of the Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo in Kansas City

Turns out this transit alternative is closer to reality than skeptics might imagine:

6 Amazing Passenger Drone Projects Everyone Should Know About

Several companies are making exciting progress with the technical details of flying passenger drones. While we're still a few years away from full implementation, here are various drone projects everyone should know about and some obstacles that will need to be overcome for wide-scale implementation


  1. Hell we are a smart city. Well just attach upside down lawn mover engines to the toy train and we'll be shuttling millennials all over the county. Expect a new tax initiative soon.

  2. The you train is doomed by autonomous automobiles and uber services. Total waste of money.


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