Sunday, March 11, 2018

KCK Dude Shot DEAD Inside Car Today

Increasing violence continues across the State Line as well. Take a look:

Police investigating homicide at KCK apartment complex

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is investigating a homicide at an apartment complex off 63rd Street and Tauromee. Police said that call originally came in as a crash. When officers arrived on scene at the Forest Glen Apartment Complex they found a white Chevrolet Suburban that had struck a tree.


Anonymous said...

Amish hit squad again... look for the buggy tracks.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on over there? Is it the mayor or the chief of police or both? They're losing control! Are they getting advice from that Bozo mayor of KCMO? Perhaps, they need some midnight basketball?

Anonymous said...

Alonzo to the rescue!

Anonymous said...

Was it Alonzo? He's probably hiding in the basement of who evers house he is smooching off of since it appears he doesn't work texting to Sly James about shit he knows nothing about while being a racists about it. When blacks commit crimes Alonzo is nowhere to be found.