KCFD Battle Old & Busted Hydrants, Too

Run-down water infrastructure presents a clear & present danger to these Kansas City 1st responders as this town struggles to fulfill so many promises for improvement.

Take a look:

KCFD encounters faulty hydrants while working fire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Faulty fire hydrants have some Kansas City residents worried, but Kansas City Fire Department officials reassured residents that the delay in finding a working fire hydrant did not delay fighting the fire On Sunday morning, an apartment building caught fire at the intersection of Linwood and Jackson.


  1. But don't you know, the city needs momentum for a better urban core, forget you people on the east side, to Sly James and the rest of the city, you're not worth a damn. Keep voting these slim bags in and voting for tax increases, you are playing right into the hands of wealthy corporations and illegally funding their brand new sewer lines and infrastructure.

  2. I will continue to vote for Sly & the dems as opposed to the corporation loving, budget-busting, fiscally-stupid, sexual-deviant repubtards. Thank you!

  3. These inoperable fire hydrants brought to you by the inoperable KCMO Water Dept. Thanks for your support.

  4. I know of two metro municipalities where the fire department itself is responsible for maintaining operation of the hydrants. They flush them twice a year, approx. 200 gallons per flush.

    I would suspect that the responsibility falls to the KCFD in this case as well. I've never seen anyone flushing KC hydrants though. Unless it was to clear out lines.

  5. A delay, is a delay, is a delay.

  6. Maybe an audit would uncover the extent to which citizens are at risk from faulty fire hydrants. Oh, sorry, I forgot the city doesn't want an audit of the water department. Graft doesn't like daylight.


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