Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kansas SecState Kris Kobach Confronts Continued Voter Crackdown Harsh Times

Kansas officials say that the loss of this trial is an "eventuality" as courtroom procedure thwarts the political aims of this Sunflower State GOP white knight. Read more:

How A Blown Deadline Has Haunted Kobach In His Voting Law Trial

It's not every day you see trial lawyers try to do something that a judge has three times already told them they aren't allowed to do. But on Friday morning - on the fourth trial day in the case against Kansas' proof of citizenship voter registration requirement - lawyers representing Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach tried again to introduce evidence that the judge had on two separate previous occasions blocked them from admitting.


Anonymous said...

I'll say it again, the next Kansas Governor is going to be more fun to watch than Brownback ever was!

Kobach has demonstrated that he's no better as a Lawyer than he is as a Politician. That'll teach him to try to play "Attorney General"!

It will be highly amusing to watch him and "Duct Tape" competing for the title of "Most Incompetent Governor", won't it?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^It seems you know it all so why don't you run for governor so we can all then poke fun and call you a loser nobody.

Anonymous said...

Kobach is a loser. Worthless. Kansas absolutely deserves him! God I hope the rubes like @6:33AM elect this dope.

Anonymous said...

Whoa 7:24, the vast majority of us who don't live in the sticks and don't base our votes on the issue of pro-life and anti-gay don't want this clown. Unfortunately, we're gonna get stuck with him.

Anonymous said...

Talking Points Memo coverage of the trial is nearly as unbalanced as the Star's. Both approach the outer limits of dishonesty. Most likely what Kobach is trying to do is create a strong record for appeal. It was a given from the beginning that the State would lose at the trial court level in front of a SJW judge.

Anonymous said...

^^^Yea, a SJW judge who was appointed by Bush! Go sell that narrative elsewhere turd. It's played out here.

Tracy Thomas said...

I agree, it was a given that the state would lose at the trial level--
BUT even worse, Kobach screwed up even worse, by not submitting the updated list.
I'm embarrassed for him.

He so reminds me of disbarred Phill Kline. Egomaniac gone off the rails.

Many in Kansas are waiting for Kobach to self-destruct. This could be the start.

Trump dropped the ball or walked away from supporting Kobach and a commission re illegal voting. Kobach is like a high school football center running around the stadium in the dark--after the game ended. He's the only guy who doesn't know it. The stands are empty, Kris! Put the ball down.

Little is known about Jeff Colyer, but I know him and his family. I believe Colyer is not a Brownback clone. He just happened to have been named LG because Brownback needed someone from Joco. And Colyer would be (already is) a darn sight better at GOVERNING than Kobach. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

What's Kobach good at disclosing?

Social Security numbers on state websites.

He should be fired and barred from future public office for his gross incompetence.