Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Kansas SecState Kobach Warns Against Gun Grabbers & Then Denied Courtroom Firearm

Here's a word of warning from the leading right-wing dude in the Sunflower State probably penned a few days before he was DENIED to CCW on his way to a federal trail over voting rights. Read more:

EXCLUSIVE - Kobach: The Gun Confiscation Crusade Begins

Quietly, but quickly, a raft of identical gun confiscation bills have been filed by liberal politicians in states across the country. They are all copies of a ballot measure that passed in Washington State in November 2016. And that ballot measure was loosely based on a California gun confiscation law enacted in 2014 and a much older Connecticut law from 1999.


Anonymous said...

What does he know?

He said the gun grab began 10 years ago when Obama was elected.

Anonymous said...

"And with the "Voter Fraud" ground crumbling under his feet, Kris Kobach desperately grabbed for any available issue in a final attempt to keep from sinking into the anonymous quagmire of History!"

Anonymous said...

Where I come from it's a trial and not a trail.