Kansas SecState Kobach Seyz Citizenship Question For Census 2020 Is All Good

Whilst his legal skill have been challenged in recent weeks, here's the leading Kansas contender for guv offering his meticlously researched opinion Read more:

Kobach: The Left's Lawsuit Against the Census Citizenship Question Is a Loser

The announcement triggered an apoplectic reaction on the Left. Democrats in Congress such as Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) expressed their outrage at the notion that the United States would want to know how many citizens it actually has.


  1. If ANYONE from a foreign country who sneaks in and, as Tucker Carlson says, "Buys a pack of Marlborough and pays the sales tax" can vote, then I guess we can go to Russia, Mexico, Canada and vote in their elections too.

    The insanity coming from the Left is no longer even a thin patina of disguise to hide what they really want.

    They want you replaced White Boy, with government dependent parasites that will vote for Bread And Circus benefits so that Progressive/Radical, 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment killing politicians can maintain sinecure, power and money off of the backs of an ever decreasing, working middle class.

    Or, as Oprah and Louis Farrakhan (Just to name a few.) have said, they want you fuckin dead white boy.

    That's ok. The time is over for any pretense. The truth is now evident for any but the willfully impercipient to see, or, those hooked up to a Federal Money Government "Matrix" drip.

    I want them fuckin dead too. Hang the corpse's of the Fascist Oprah, Louis, Pelosi et al and BLM Brown Shirts in City Center Square by their fuckin heels.

  2. ButtChuck is a good argument for deporting white boys, & sending them back to Europe.

  3. Chuck is a psychopath terrorist.

  4. 8:00 Pack a lunch cocksucker.

  5. The war on whitey continues.

    This war on whiteness is just the vestiges of the Cold War gone off the deep end. The Soviets couldn’t surpass America so they sought instead to degrade the institutions that made America great. They allied with the Democratic Party to destroy America. They have been very successful, largely through the schools and media.

    What is now deemed as “acting white” used to be pretty mundane: work hard in school, get good grades, graduate HS, pursue a trade or head to college, get a job, find a spouse, get married, save some money, have some kids, buy a house, go to parent teacher conferences and little league games. So called “white privilege” was earned by showing up at work on time. Opportunity isn’t a guarantee, unless you are the recipient of Government largesse by way of the color of your skin.

    That largesse comes at a cost to the tax payers who support those parasites, those "People Of Color" who are sucking the life out of the economy and hope to be joined by an army of foreigners who will finish off what the Progressives have almost finished.

  6. "I want them fuckin dead too. Hang the corpse's of the Fascist Oprah, Louis, Pelosi et al and BLM Brown Shirts in City Center Square by their fuckin heels."

    Chuck should be arrested. This is not "free speech", this is a crime.

    1. Hypocrites Are Dumbshits!3/31/18, 12:35 PM

      ^Shudup, fag Farrakhan and fatass Oprah. You two said you want whiteys dead. Did either of you racist "free speech" blacks get arrested for it?

  7. Deport Chuck, now, before he starts killing people.

  8. It might be a little late to worry about someone "Starting to kill someone" you dumb fuck.

  9. Replies
    1. Wow chuck, you agree with yourself? Imagine that.

  10. Kobach stil doesn't get it. All the plaintiffs have to do is file in courts that have one or more loony left judges. When one of the cases gets assigned to a loony left judge, they dismiss all the other cases and the lawsuit is as good as won. Ref: Judge Julie Robinson.

  11. Too Old For This Shit3/31/18, 10:02 AM

    So what happens if you leave the question blank?
    A massive "Fuck Kobach" Populist Movement?

  12. Chuck is right about one thing: he's a boy.

  13. The idea that it is somehow racist or discriminatory to ask about citizenship with anyone at anytime is so laughable it is a pants shitter. There are jillions of things that require citizenship including passports, firearms purchases, security clearances, investments and more. Determining exactly how may non citizens are present in the United States makes damn good sense and that is most likely why libtards are pissing themselves over the idea. How the hell you can make a new class of victim out of this is fucking incredible.

  14. California would lose seats in congress & middle of the map would pick up seats. Trump would have won the popular vote by 6 million people if not for the criminal invader votes. Also dead people.

  15. I would respect Kobach more if he actually had a good understanding of the law. Look at his court case record. He keeps getting beat.

  16. The Fed Gov will do what they have always done regarding the census. Make up numbers. Who's going to know?

  17. I'm 56 and have never filled out a census. Got paid to deliver them in very rural areas and do follow ups.
    Most people that do lie. It's really bullshit data for a bigger piece of the Government Meringue Pie.Enjoy!


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