Kansas SecState Kobach Confronts Ethics Complaint After Voter Fraud Court FAIL

Legal push back from a Kansas colleague contends the leading right-wing Guv contender "violated at least four of the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct, the canons governing attorney behavior." Read more:

Kobach's Behavior During Recent Trial Prompts Ethics Complaint From Overland Park Lawyer

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach committed ethical violations during the just-completed trial over the state's voter registration law, a Kansas immigration lawyer alleges in a bar complaint. Matthew Hoppock, who practices in Overland Park, said he was duty-bound to file the complaint as an officer of the court.


  1. Surprise, Hoppock is an immigration attorney, no ill will on his part!!

  2. Good for him.

  3. Kobach can always work on his second career of being gay America's No. 1 pinup boy.


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