Kansas Muslims Fear SecState Pompeo

Flyover country offers diplomatic anxiety from diverse communities as hard-line Conservatives celebrate the latest member of Team Trump. Take a look:

Why Kansas Muslims are worried about Pompeo becoming secretary of state

Mike Pompeo's selection as U.S. secretary of state promotes a "destructive" line of thinking against Muslims, said Moussa Elbayoumy, chairman of the Kansas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Elbayoumy and other Kansas Muslims have expressed concern about Pompeo's past comments on Islam as he is named to the country's top diplomatic post.


  1. Pompeo is another Koch whore and another terrible choice by Trump.

  2. If I were the Muslims, I would leave now. They don’t belong here anyway.

  3. If CAIR doesn’t like Pompeo, he must be good!

  4. No problem!
    We'll have "Sudden Sam" Brownback out there roaming the world in his new "job" as Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom making sure everyone who thinks just like he does is able to practice whatever religion they want.
    With any luck that job doesn't involve arithmetic or budgeting.
    Pompeo and Brownback;
    And people around the country think Kansas doesn't produce anything but wheat!
    What a team!

  5. So long as he is a "good little doggie" and wags his tail and does precisely whatever Bonespurs tells him to, he's assured a footnote in the History Books, which will be his only lifetime accomplishment.


  6. How funny liberals drive around with the coexist sticker on their bumper, but they are the first to slam Christians and take sides with Islam that distinctly says in the Koran "You believe our or else." Seems to me liberals are the ones to, Quote: Think my way and only my way!

  7. 7:44 - I don't know, probably has something to do with all the white christian home grown terrorists in this country. Hope the War on Christmas is swinging back in Christian's favor....Good Luck.

  8. Fuck Muslims. We have level headed sane people to worry about.

  9. Causing Fitna3/14/18, 9:02 AM

    CAIR is HAMAS, Bill Clinton designated HAMAS as a terror org.

    The Wichita Eagle story painted a pretty picture of Islam with that bullshit story.

    Ahsan Latif, who is also quoted in the BS story opened a SHARIA Law peactice in KC not ling ago. Under SHARIA gays are killed, women are stoned for adultery, and bitches better cover properly or be raped.

    Moussa Elbayoumy with CAIR is a leader in the Islamic Center of Lawrence, where they invite Hate preacher Khalid Yasin to party.

    This comes down to laziness, we are surrounded by uninformed lazy people. You won't find the truth in the Wichita Eagle unless it is wearing a fucking Burqa.

  10. Except and here's the problem, Rand Paul will not support him for Sec of State and that means that they have to have dem support in order for him to be confirmed....so?......

  11. Followers of the fake “prophet” mohammed should be afraid because there never was a mohammed, only satan, which is also why there are no pictures of mohammed. Islam was created by satan when he saw that Christianity was not going to be destroyed by the Roman Empire.

  12. How many "Kansas Muslims" are there--twelve ? Who gives a shit what Kansas Muslims like ?!

  13. Back to shthole country with them! Ha ha ha! Dont forget to pack a head bag!


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