Kansas LGBT Adoption Stays Winning

A right-wing setback in Topeka today ensures that the Sunflower State follows the law of the land . . . Like it or not. Read more:

UPDATE: House rejects bill letting agencies refuse adoptions on religious grounds

The Kansas House has rejected a bill that would have allowed adoption and foster care organizations to refuse placements to gay and lesbian couples based on religious beliefs. Senators approved the bill 28-12 Thursday after an intense debate the previous day over whether the legislation is discriminatory. The vote was 28-12.


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  4. What are you smoking Tony? The bill wasn't about blocking adoptions related to gays and their religion. The bill was about rejecting adoptions based on religion PERIOD. It wasn't about you queers, it was about Satanism..... Jesus why to fags try to make everything about thier lifestyle that no one gives a flying shit about? Fucking drama queens.


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