Kansas Faces $2-BILLION School Price Tag

OR . . . Welcome to this year's lesson in JoCo income redistribution:

Report: Better Kansas schools may cost $2B more

Breaking News A new report from two out-of-state consultants says improving student performance in Kansas public schools could cost the state as much as $2 billion more a year. The report released Friday stunned some legislators.


  1. All that matters today is wearing green, and getting drunk.

  2. If school districts paid less money building schools as architectural monuments and applied that money to those within the walls of the school costs would drop considerably.

    Plus if people were so concerned about the students safety and education standards then they would see that where you live isn't a determining factor on what education your child gets. A student in say Shawnee Mission East shouldn't have a better chance at getting a better education than a child in rural western Kansas or Wyandotte county.

    In my opinion some school districts around here are just a little to plush with money and in the ways it's thrown around and wasted. While other districts can just barely can keep the heat turned up.

  3. Kansas seriously needs to outlaw fucking before these bastard kids bankrupt the state.

  4. There are school districts that seem to have an excess of money. Blue Valley and Olathe for sure.
    I am tired of schools spending money on outside lawyers to sue the state for "MO MONEY". If a district participates in a lawsuit over funding then they should get therir budgets cut by twice the amount they spend on thosde lawsuits.
    And if the Supreme Court dictates "MO MONEY" to the schools then those schools in the lawsuit should lose five times the amount awarded.
    I'll bet then schools will get the picture, they work for us not us for them.

  5. Does anyone have an idea for a new source of tax revenue ? Go west broke state go west for your answer.

  6. It’s not enough, signed the judge.

  7. Should raise the KC earnings tax to 4% and ought to go to Kansas schools. KC owes Kansans because it would be nothing if Kansans didnt support the Chiefs, Royals, arts, etc etc.
    The real deal is in Overland Park.


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