Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kansas Corporate Democrats Undercut Bernie Bro Brent Welder Despite His Momentum

Progressives across the Kansas City metro and the nation are backing Brent Welder because he's forthright about the clear differences between his views on policy and those of incumbent Rep. Kevin Yoder.

Moveover, Our Revolution Kansas City has offered Mr. Welder unwavering support and even helped him by way of protests in front of Congressman Yoder's JoCo office . . .

Sadly . . . Kansas Democratic party leaders continue to play the middle of the road and hope to win voters with kindness rather than providing a real alternative to the status quo.

To be fair, all of these libs might be taking their chances too seriously given that Congressman Yoder has DOUBLED the fundraising of all his opponents put together.

In the meantime . . .

The Young Turks have taken a liking to the Kansas 3rd Congressional District contender and they're been pushing his campaign hard as Cenk seems to have a man-crush on the dude . . .  

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

There's nothing quite like some picketing by a little band of social media "celebrities" from "Our Revolution KC" and perhaps a speech at the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce by Welder booster and anti-capitalist Harvard professor Cornell West to get the votes you need to win a Congressional election in Johnson County.
Creating a clueless echo chamber would be being kind.
Yoder will win by around ten points.

Anonymous said...

Sidie 2018!

Keep the dream alive.

Anonymous said...

People like Cenk and his ilk are the reason that many in Kansas should buy an AR-15.

Tracy Thomas said...

I'm a Yoder voter.

Seriously, people--get to work on the Governor's race.

Make a difference...how much time and treasure do you expect to invest? Pick a race where you have a likelihood of making a difference.

Welder--was for Bernie. The socialist agenda. Might be fun to chat over a cappucino, (anywhere but the Tesla king of Fairway's business)--but Bernie is the reason Hillary didn't win. Connect the dots.

Supporting Welder is like when I was a McGovern alternate to Miami convention in 1972. We feminists thought we were SO right and so powerful, we had OUR candidate. Come to find out, the R's (whom I later joined, to make a difference) had secretly finessed support for McGovern because they knew Ed Muskie would have been hard to beat.

And yes, to 6:13's observation. Picketing Yoder's office--with Welder-financed signs, that is so pathetically and embarrassingly INEFFECTIVE.

Picketing is for Rubes.

Anonymous said...

Democrats in Kansas are a bunch of loser turds

Tracy Thomas said...

11:04, your comment is not useful.

If you want folks to wake up, don't call them names.
Rather, point out the futility and statistical realities.

Kansas is a red state. Not even purple.
The important thing is to vote in the PRIMARIES, when one must declare a party preference.
All the races are basically decided in the August primaries.
The ONLY chance one has to influence the outcome is then.

There are really never any important Democrat primaries.
There are basically just three real Democrats in Joco--(Mary O'Halloran, Micheline Burger and Jon Patrick Segale.) And they are not running!
So a Democrat primary is the NULL SET.

Many voters are so disconnected or ignorant of the process they don't realize that in the general, you do not need to declare a party--the ballot is wide open.

So instead of complaining around the dinner table or to your neighbors, about how far right the R. candidate might be, compared to your indie or Dem. preferred candidate, the only way to vote for a more moderate person who has a statistical chance to prevail in the general election in November, is to register and vote in the August primary as a Republican.

Bob said...

I have researched Sidie and Welder and in my mind neither of them is fit to serve. I like Tracy's take that to make the difference you need to commit to a two party system and throw your support behind the leader of the pack. In the Kansas governor's race the leader of the pack is going to be Colyer. Incumbent and most important he is not Kobach. The Kobach machine needs to go to the side of the road and wait for the trash truck to come by soon.
We have to stop making the same mistakes over and over. Yoder has been an able representative and except getting caught dipping into the black sea uncovered he hasn't been on the wrong side of an issue yet.

Anonymous said...

yoder is like moore: he'll be there until he's senile.

Anonymous said...

Yoder is a swamp creature that loves to skinny dip with his donors.

Time to drain him.