Kansas City WWI Teachable Moment

The WWI monument in D.C. will eclipse our local Downtown centerpiece this year . . . Meanwhile the topic of the Great War elicited an EPIC quote from a local museum leader:

Dr. Matthew Naylor runs the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, and also took part in the discussion. "I think that one of the real lessons that we learn is how quickly things can unravel," he said afterwards.

Read more: Kansas' top military mind reflects on WWI and the parallels to today


  1. Naylor's whistling in the dark about the impact the DC Monument is going to have on Liberty Memorial.

    The only way to save this unique treasure is to petition the Smithsonian to take possession and provide adequate funding that way.

    This "fluster Cluck" that we have for a City Government, and the chaos that is apparently going to be the hallmark of the next one have no interest in supporting the Memorial, and their Owner/Masters, (the Kansas-based Real Estate Developers,) see it as a waste of land that could be providing TIF.

  2. "Kansas' top military mind...." Not by a long shot. Pretty much any student at the Army Command and General Staff College would tower over him, as would command staff at Ft. Riley.

  3. Two capitalists nations going to war sounds like Capitalism.

  4. Payback for the 8 hour day.

  5. The first of two wars in Europe we should have stayed out if. Staying home during the first one may have prevented the second, and French cars would be worth owning.


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