Kansas City Wornall Road Hot Mess Forever

Here's an important perspective regarding an ongoing dilemma that continues to plague the ugliest road in the Midwest . . .

Insider Brookside: Street Work Along Wornall–Never Ending!

Helpful money line . . .

There is so much going on along the stretch of Wornall from 75th to 85th Streets that KCMO has created a new page on their website to keep the public updated:


Expect lane closures for the next several weeks and…just plan on taking an alternate route if possible to save yourself some traffic hassles!

A chart for future planning . . .

Developing . . .


  1. I want my street and sewers fixed, but only when I'm out of town and not inconvenienced.

  2. SOMEBODY with a business on Wornall REALLY PISSED TROY OFF!

  3. Worn all road repairs forever? You dumbass’s should be happy your streets are getting repaired, the rest of us haven’t seen street repairs other than the occasional pot hole getting filled, Jesus i wish we had rich people probs like you

  4. The anti Prospero bookstore gang wants Kansas City to get Wornall repaired so they can get to Prospero's quicker.


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