Kansas City Westside Gentrification Review

Public TV is about 5 years too late to this story but the round-up consideration is nice now that home & rent and even basement prices are sky high . . . Meanwhile, this talk with some of the last holdouts is worth a look given how much local coverage cheerleader new gentry hipsters are granted:

Gentrification: The Westside

In the historic Westside neighborhood, "gentrification" has become a hotly contested word. From long-term residents to real estate developers, a neighborhood meeting shows there's the pull between old and new, and a question of the right way to evolve a neighborhood.


  1. Money wins...

  2. Oh please, westside is overrated. You got one square mile on the north end but past the boulevard theres still ramshackle shanties in sacred heart.

  3. When the Term "Historic" is used it should be where something of historical relevance has happened. Why is this term applied in KCMO to every ramshackled and run down neighborhood? Why is it always described as Gentrification when a person or group wants to purchase these areas and tear down old, uninsulated, unpainted and unkempt properties and make new homes in the area or commercial development to draw the younger generatiion to buy and live and rejuevinate the area?
    Fine, Keep your old junky and trashy buildings, I'll go invest in other areas.


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