Kansas City Sunday Gun Talk Conversation

We start this collection of community news noticing that anti-gun discussion dominated the local discourse throughout the metro. Take a look:

Kangaroo Campus Gun Conversation
From Campus Safety to Gun Control: What's Next?
Suburban Anti-Gun Chatter

Church hosts discussion on gun violence, how it affects communities

A church in Prairie Village hosted an event focusing not on gun control, but the affect gun violence can have on a community.

Newspaper Scare tactics
Do our schools take threats seriously enough?
Show-Me Prison Haters On The Rise

Expert: Fewer hate groups in Missouri, but white supremacist prison gangs on the rise

CLOSE White supremacist prison gangs are a growing problem in Missouri, one expert says, despite a recent report that cites a decline in hate groups in the Show-Me State. In its 2017 "Year in Hate and Extremism" report, the Southern Poverty Law Center states that the number of hate groups in the country rose by 4 percent from the previous year, from 917 to 954.

Sunflower State Prank Cont'd

Six teenagers are running for governor in Kansas, and suddenly this doesn't seem so preposterous

The six would-be boy governors of the state of Kansas. This was a funny concept for a while, and then it became absurd, and then a national tragedy happened. But on the Monday before Valentines Day, as a half-dozen minors vied for the highest office of a state that had never bothered to codify any gubernatorial age requirements, it was still absurd.

Show-Me Effort To Save Women In Trouble

'It's modern-day sex slavery:' House criminalizes promotion, facilitation, of online sex trafficking

On Friday's "Behind the Headlines" on St. Louis on the Air, we took an in-depth look at a bill on sex trafficking that has passed overwhelmingly in the U.S. House of Representatives and will be moving on to the Senate.

Bright Side: Hope For Royal Return

Kansas City Royals: Door May Not Be Closed For Moose Reunion

Once free agency began it seemed a foregone conclusion that the Kansas City Royals top free agents would move on to other organizations. The team was two years removed from their World Series runs. They had overspent for those seasons in an attempt to return to the playoffs.

The Impressions - People Get Ready is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Sex trafficking? Fucking political bimbos trying to take away any enterprise that competes with or devalues their money making pussy blackmail monopoly.

    1. ^^^Virgin with a little baby dick.


    Our Lady of Heavenly Justice!!!

  3. What about muslim hate groups? Billy Tammy is kissing their assets on his Facebook page, but if he had bothered to look at that Muslims facebook page he would have seen his followers shouting Allah Anbar and other militant jive.

  4. As far as 70 a day calls to schools is concerned it sure is funny how the gun haters have amped up the threats to schools to push their anti gun agenda. These sick bastards think we can’t see through all their bullshit. Plus the kids are playing games to get out of school.

    If these people want their schools secured its time to start paying to go to school so they can get better security.


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