Kansas City Star Scribe Mary Sanchez Celebrates Law Firm Fight Against La Migra

Mostly DNC talking points here and tribute to her betters . . . However, in the case of Kansas City TIF lawyers working to Free Syed . . . She overlooks the important question of de facto municipal cooperation in this controversial case where there is no local consensus on the sordid topic of immigration rules & regs. Read more:

Send in the lawyers!

Kansas City law firms are being tapped for attorneys willing to volunteer to represent immigrants who are in deportation proceedings. The pro bono work on bond hearings could mean the difference of whether a qualified immigrant could be released for further legal work, or face immediate removal.


  1. Doing good for one man does not negate the damage they are doing to hundreds of thousands by looting the city for their well paying clients.

  2. ^^^^ Exactly.

  3. Mary NastySnatch isn’t quite as bad as Hoopz, but she is every bit as stupid.

  4. Where's Deep Pockets Soros Funds For Syed?3/10/18, 11:06 AM

    Are any of these "charitable" justice crusaders doing pro-bono advocacy for citizens who are modest waged veterans, or low income families?

  5. When you make $500 per hour (less the campaign contributions which guarantee the continuance of said $500 per hour) you can afford to give away a few hours.

  6. Doing pro-bono work for those who know they are guilty while tens of thousands of vets, elderly and parentless children get no representation in a court of law due to lack of funds.

    See America, your further advancement into providing for those who break the law while penalizing those who follow the law.

    You can't get more fucked up than that.

  7. ^^^^
    + 100000000000000000000000000

    Super Dave Rocks!


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