Kansas City Slice Of Life: Doggie Stabbing Suspect Now Accused Of Cutting His Mama

Local domestic drama and a sign of Kansas City Spring fever moving closer. Take a look:

Accused dog killer charged with stabbing his mother

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man suspected of stabbing his neighbor's dog to death is now charged with stabbing his mother multiple times. In December 2017, Samuel Sanders was accused of stabbing his neighbor's dog, Zeus, near 43rd and Park in Kansas City.


  1. Hopefully someone kills this hood rat soon. The chance of Worthless Jean Petersucker Baker putting him away for serious prison time is zero.

  2. I hate, hate, these sub human scum.

    No Rule Of Law = ?

    Come on, quick--

  3. Love KC pets3/13/18, 9:31 PM

    anyone who would hurt an animal would also hurt a person. I agree that I can't stand it when people hurt helpless creatures!

  4. Dog and mama merely training for real job.

  5. That do is much more important to me than his mom who I'm sure is just another piece of shit worthless hoodrat.

  6. Find your daddy hood rat, he is the one that deserves to be stabbed.


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