Saturday, March 03, 2018

Kansas City Saturday Night News Tear Sheet

TKC fave Brit hottie Jodie was recently busted amid domestic drama and this fact doesn't scare us but instead inspires our ongoing commitment to the local discourse and International glam models.

And so we share some of these important Kansas City news links for tonight. Checkit:

Kansas City Climate Change Update

The Kansas City Snow Drought

We are on the verge of seeing less than 10" of snow in a winter season for the third consecutive year. That is a streak, never accomplished in Kansas City's recorded history. So, if you are a snow lover, these last three winters have not been fun.

Local Artsy Lost & Found

Streetcar Authority trying to find who owns 13 paintings found at stop

Thirteen paintings were found at a streetcar stop earlier this week and only two have initials on them, so the streetcar authority is asking for help solving a mystery.

Golden Ghetto Doggie Scare

OP police ask for help after juvenile bitten by dog Saturday

Overland Park police are looking for more information after a juvenile was bitten by a dog Saturday afternoon. Overland Park Animal Control officers were called at 3 p.m. to the Bluejacket Park area at 10100 Bond Street after the bite was reported. Authorities said the victim was bitten when a black, short-haired-Boxer-type dog got loose from two women.

Kansas City Gunfire Report

Woman caught in middle of crash, shooting near 23rd and Denver hopes alleged suspect is captured

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It started with a car crash and escalated to a deadly shooting. Three days later, police still want to find the killer. And the woman who was caught in the middle of the deadly crime hopes they do.

Rock Chalk Progressive Pipe Dream

Kansas Democrats clash over who could defeat Kobach and Orman

The Kansas Democrats running for governor clashed Saturday over who can best beat a Republican - such as Kris Kobach - and independent Greg Orman. The focus on who can attract general election support comes amid the state party's first contested primary for governor in decades.

Show-Me Doggie Justice

Missouri men sentenced to prison for dragging kitten behind Jeep, killing it

Two Missouri men who sparked outrage last summer after dragging a kitten behind a vehicle and posting a video of it on social media were sentenced to prison on Friday. Kyle Williams, 18, of Branson, was sentenced to serve consecutive terms of four years for animal abuse and three years of armed criminal action in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Kansas City Artsy Moment

The Work of Marcus Cain and Cary Esser is Eyesight for the Blind

There is no end of the world. It's one long, calcifying note of endurance that goes on until we are lulled into a vortex of white noise. Marcus Cain's paintings depicting various forms of static energy and Cary Esser's fragmented vessels of earthenware and glaze are symbols of a decadent empire forever lurching forward towards it's breaking point.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

the dog owners have a responsibility to come forward and, if they didn't, they should be charged with a crime.

Tunnel Vision Progressive said...

The paintings are a donation to pay for the street car extension. The city can use the 25,000 street car riders as an audience and auction them off.