Kansas City Royals Target Hecklers

An update on the recent crackdown on taunting because it turns out there is crying in baseball after all . . .

Kansas City Royals, MLB to crack down on derogatory heckling

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In 2017, a fan was permanently banned from Fenway Park in Boston after he yelled racial slurs at Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones. This season, Major League Baseball is cracking down on the use of derogatory language at all of its ballparks.


  1. You can't yell at a ballplayer using the same language the players use in the locker room. All the more reason to not go to a game.

  2. facebook with bats and no balls3/29/18, 9:29 PM

    Will antifa be patrolling the stadium? If so, what’s the penalty for beating the living fuck out of them? They are domestic terrorists right? Will the SPLC be the ultimate censor of the heckling comments? Will the ACLU ruin me in every way possible if my heckling doesn’t pass the PC smell test? Fuck you Glass, fuck you Moore, & fuck ever spending my money at the K. Pampered millionaire ballplayers that suck or have committed heinous crimes can play but I can’t after overspending to see your shitty product? Thanks for the ‘14-‘15 seasons but I shudder to think what my idea of speech is compared to what your idea of speech is.

  3. Snowflake syndrome comes to baseball.

  4. Hey, if you can't swear at everyone, pull down your pants and finger your dick while peeing on the people in front of you, where's the fun?


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