Kansas City Royals Pr0n War Double Take

Local media REFUSED to put this silly story on blast for a lot of reasons that might or might not have had something to do with so much advertising cash paid to Kansas City news outlets to sell the home team.

However, this TMZ discussion of THE ONGOING KANSAS CITY ROYALS CRUSADE AGAINST PR0N deserves a look because it not only offers context but also deservedly mocks the prudish effort to mix politics with baseball.

You decide . . .


  1. Better to watch porn than have an affair!

  2. Porn is bad says Kansas City sports team but drugs DUI's beating the crap out of women and general debauchery is all ok.

  3. And the OBSCENITY of charging fools to watch Millionaires play Children's Games goes on...

  4. The only thing the Royals should be worrying about is beating John Knox Village in the pre-season opener.

  5. "Prostitutes Are Sex Workers", "Free Speech Is Hate Speech", "Diversity Is Strength"," Whiteness Is Evil", "Guns Are Evil", "Israel Is Our Ally","We Are All Immigrants", Homosexuality Is Normal And Healthy"........repeat.........and repeat......and repeat.


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