Friday, March 02, 2018

Kansas City Royals Against Sports Gambling

Pending legislation has the team crying foul because it would impose another 1% fee on their biz . . . Read more:

Royals express reservations about sports betting bill in Missouri

The Kansas City Royals broke with the St. Louis Cardinals and Major League Baseball in expressing reservations about a proposed sports betting bill in the Missouri Legislature this week. Senate Bill 1013, which received a hearing before the Senate Progress and Development Committee on Wednesday, would legalize sports betting in Missouri pending legalization by the United States Supreme Court.


Anonymous said...

So if I have this correct...1% goes to teams for the integrity of the game. Betting is legal in Vegas and is there a 1% integrity fee there? While I want to gamble legally, there is no way these teams that will do nothing to regulate the system deserve 1%, this is a how has the best lobbyist play. The gambling industry regulates its self with government regulations etc.

Anonymous said...

Love it, the Chiefs have been covering the spread the best of all NFL teams over the last 30 years !