Kansas City Raw Dog Thursday News Links

More than his shocking electoral victory, historic & acerbic media criticism or social media leverage . . . The Prez deserves respect for his hookup bravery in the ongoing age communicable nasty . . .

A favorite somewhat recent link . . .

Newsweek: Playboy Model Karen McDougal Says She Had Unprotected Sex With Donald Trump Dozens of Times

And this inspires our deep dive into the local news scene:

Kansas City Bad TV Comeback

'Roseanne' Scores its Highest Ratings in Middle America

Roseanne's grand return was the hit that many expected, and most of its success came from Middle America.As The Hollywood Reporter points out, the top two markets in the U.S. New York and Los Angeles, did not play large roles in the sitcom's 18.1 million viewership.Tulsa, Oklahoma, contributed [...]

More Deets On Rock Chalk Sickness

KU Hospital: Patient has confirmed case of measles

The University of Kansas Hospital is contacting employees and patients following a confirmed measles case at the hospital. Hospital officials are currently notifying the employees and patients who worked or visited the hospital's Emergency Department and the first-floor Unit 15 during the following time periods: Friday, March 23, between 10 a.m.

Fear Golden Ghetto Watersports

Police, district expressing concern over game played by JoCo high school seniors

Police and district officials in Johnson County, Kansas are expressing concerns over a popular game among high school seniors. The game is called Assassins. In it, students target each other with water guns. The last person standing gets cash.

Kansas City Hero Lady Tribute

Kansas City bus driver honored for keeping passengers safe amid gun battle

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two and a half months ago, a Kansas City bus driver's routine ride near East 76th and The Paseo instantly took a frightening turn.

Kansas City Footsie Ahead

Going to Kansas City - A KC Soccer & More Weekend

Let's get this KC adventure series started... So, welcome, travelers, wanderers, curiosity-seekers, and explorers! Remember, use #Go2KC to document your Kansas City adventure. To help guide you further, we will designate our top destinations with Top Shelf ( TS) #KCTopShelf. When deciding between options, go #KCTopShelf.

Local High Art Link Of The Day

VIDEO: Watch a Trailer for Kansas City Rep's SWEENEY TODD

Kansas City Repertory Theatre's Artistic Director, Eric Rosen, today announced the cast for SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET which closes the 2017/2018 mainstage season at KCRep. SWEENEY TODD runs March 23 - April 15 at the Spencer Theatre on the UMKC campus and will be directed by Rosen.

Morning Perk Up Suggestion

Order Up | Second Best Coffee's Carnival

Order Up is a regular series that takes a layered look at drinks and eats across Kansas City. You can see previous selections here. Got a dish you think we should feature? Drop us a note below or on Twitter @FlatlandKC.

Sam & Dave - Soul Man is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. measles stories need to be put in perspective.

    seems like media are doing the same thing with meadles as they now do with routine thunderstorms; i.e., blow them way out of proportion.

  2. Oncd again, tony will delete this but the high power rifle combatants don't care about hitting people on the bus or anyone else. There is a high amount of psychopathy in afro population. Theres a reason theres 150 murders in killa city and not overland park.

  3. ^^^ He didn't delete it. But that still still doesn't mean you are anything but a spam troll.

  4. ^^Yes, and being a whinny little crybaby fuck on a third-rate blog does absolutely nothing about it. Sure you've got an opinion, but we really don't want to hear it cause its always the same thing day after day after day. Maybe get a life? How about that? Jesus you're fucking boring!

  5. 8:28, Nosce te ipsum.

  6. Yeah, there's nothing new here, "Assassin" has bee around since the 1980s.

    The only difference between the KCMO and OP versions is that in Kansas they use WATER guns.

    Somehow the "African American Princes and Princesses of Wakona" somehow missed the "WATER" part.

  7. My morning perk up suggestion? Every morning I smoke some crack and have a cup of McDonalds coffee. I am good for the rest of the day. I have smoked crack everyday for over 20 years and haven't become addicted yet.

  8. adderall works pretty good too.

  9. That’s funny stuff right there boys! Lmao!

  10. Trump, that lucky dog!


    On the campaign trail in 2016, Trump was often spotted eating McD and no one had a problem with it besides his dietician!!!

  12. How do you define third-rate @8:28? Legitimately curious. TKC has active content from the Owner, multiple times daily, has an active comment section (d-bags and intelligent commenters on almost every post), is active 7 days a week. The only thing that would separate TKC from a mainstream media site would probably be page hits. No way it falls to third-rate which would be shouting into the void. Second-rate at worst, more likely a first-rate, especially on the local scene.

  13. Be Young, Have Fun3/29/18, 11:38 AM

    WTF,why hate on healthy physical activities?! Getting up off their asses and away from their "dumb" devices for awhile IS A GOOD THING!! Jeez, there's stupid PC crap enough. Don't discourage the running, jumping, screaming, good times for them. Hopefully, with this waterplay they don't have to worry about getting their heads lopped off...

  14. Melania should have herself checked for STD's stat.

  15. The Prez deserves respect for his hookup bravery in the ongoing age communicable nasty . . .

    Nice gibberish.

  16. @ 12:19, after her career as an "escort" in Moscow, Melania doesn't need another STD checkup, she already knows.

    Poor Barron needs the checkup, and maybe whoever his real father is.

  17. Nuff Nasty To Go Round3/29/18, 7:45 PM

    ^1:37, following Kenyan Barry's downlow decades at Rev. Wright's BathHouse in Chicago, he and "Michael" don't need another STD, they already...uh, no matter.

    And, checkups for Chelsea Hubble,too, after Billy Jeff's decades of dalliances, and Hilly's many lezbos.

    Better screen the O's two daughters. Oh, wait, they're adopted.

  18. ^^^ Tin foil hat alert...

    Loosen it up. It's cutting of the blood to your brain.

    You also seem a little preoccupied with homosexuality. Anything you need to disclose? Not here. Just go to a rest stop bathroom, find an empty stall, take a wide stance and start tapping your shoes.

    You can probably get the relief you seem to be craving.


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