We start this bit of sad news with a classic and recent hottie advertising moment which demonstrates that there's still a great deal of interest & money to be made targeting audiophiles and the growing audience that enjoys podcasts & streaming audio.

However, the Kansas City corporate radio format has consistently declined in popularity.

Today's example . . .

KC Biz Journal: Owner of four KC radio stations files for bankruptcy


MGTF Radio Co. LLC, which does business as Steel City Media, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Wednesday. In its filing, Steel City Media lists $50 million to $100 million in assets and $50 million to $100 million in liabilities. Steel City Media's affiliate, WPNT Inc., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Tuesday.

Steel City Media operates four well-known stations in the Kansas City market:

- Country 94.1 (KFKF-FM)
- KC 102.1 (KCKC-FM)
- Mix 93.3 (KMXV-FM)
- Q 104 (KBEQ-FM)

Of course this biz claims they have plenty of cash to keep things going . . . However, last year we reported A KANSAS CITY RADIO TALKER HOUSECLEANING AT CUMULUS after that big company also filed for Chapter 11.

Developing . . .


  1. Oh goody! More frequencies opening up for nut ball religious and community radio stations.

  2. That’s too bad. I listen to a couple of those stations. Hope one day 98.1 will get some grown ups to host their talk shows instead of the Obama era losers there now.

    1. Amen! All those folks over there are so butt-hurt about the current President it's hilarious. It actually would be refreshing to listen to real adults talk instead of (among others) that cackling hen and her thinks-he-knows-it-all idiot co-host.

  3. FM radio sucks and has since deregulation of the 90s. These corporations deserve everything bad that happens to them, unfortunately good people lose their jobs because of corporate greed.

  4. Too bad all the cows will need to find a shitty new country station to listen too.

  5. Connie, 98.1 is not one of the stations in that group.
    So your comment is off-topic. Or you meant something else?

    1. I use to listen to 98.1, talk radio but not any longer. The show host lack depth and ability to conduct entertaining shows. Always hoping there will be a turnover of staff at 98.1 to make it better.

  6. Kansas City is blessed with four excellent public radio stations. Search the dial left side of 92.0 89.3 90.1 90.9 91.5 Sure by law they have to do community talking so many hours a day, but when they do music they do it right. Check out their schedules. Maybe more local music stations will replace the dead corporate crap.

  7. Terrestrial radio is dying. Hard to sell much advertising, most people are now streaming or using SiriusXM. Talk radio will survive.

  8. What's a radio?

  9. Public Radio is amateur retard crap. Get Real!!!

  10. Miss the days of the good ol' KY-102 with Max & Tanna

    But those Big Corporate Media Degenerates screwed up all of Radio with their pathetic constant advertising and pre-recorded crap they play constantly, all so fake !

    Nobody wants to listen to a radio playing 10 to 20 minutes of Commercials constantly all the time and 1 song like every 2 hours it seems

    They screwed themselves with their crappy agenda !!!!

  11. 9:38 is obviously not a fan of 98.1 KMBZ, from 2 to 6 with Dana and Parks. While Dana Wright and Scott Parks are authentic, real personalities, trust me: They have been coached by management not to talk about politics. And they don't. They have one topic per hour.
    This is the morning zoo, reinvented as afternoon drive format. They are "speaking into the listening" if you will (or have done The Landmark Forum) that is the more typical FM listener unwinding after a hard day.

    On the AM dial, 980 KMBZ, that's where 9:38 needs to listen, to conservative talk radio.
    Stop resenting other programming. Go where you need to get refueled.

    Rush from 11 to 2. Then Sean Hannity, then Joe Pags. Entercom Radio does the best job in KC of catering to these two bifurcated audiences. (Probably equally reflected in most households.)

    Some people are Cindi Laupers, girls who just wanna have fun, fun, fun. 98.1

    Whereas some of us just need confirmation bias, AND A RESPITE from MSM around the watercooler or in the dead KC STAR. And we get that dose of reality from conservative talk radio, 980AM.

    Then for the snowflakes in PV and Hyde Park and Waldo: Go where you feel better, 89.3, KCUR, All Things Considered and Teri Gross. (Sometimes I listen and just pretend I believe all that bullshit. Because it IS relaxing and nurturing. I especially listen when I am coming over to KCMO for dinner. I drive thru the better remaining neighborhoods, and pretend it's all gonna be OK. KCUR is the only drug safe for driving on Ward Parkway or through Brookside.


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