Kansas City 'Public Safety Budget' Passes

Here's a look at this year's budget and City Hall talking points that hopes to convince residents that a great deal of their cash isn't going toward developers and pet projects. Checkit: Kansas City Council Members Agree To Spend More On Police, Fire Department


  1. How many city employees are losing their jobs? Firemen and cops aren't the only services this city needs.

  2. ^^Please give us your line by line budget. I mean it's real easy to talk out of your ass, you do it all the time, but let's see how you can do! Please enlighten us what services we need, the budget for each, and future revenue generations. What? You don't know that stuff? You mean you are just running your mouth? Ignorant of the facts? Fuck off you complaining bastard. Unless you're prepared to do the work, just do us all a favor and shut your fucking mouth!

  3. ^^^ Instead of calling someone names, why don't you provide your solution?

  4. 7:32 can't. 7:32 works in City Hall. If I did it, 7:32 would probably be out of a job and that Lake Of The Ozark retirement pension would be GONE!
    Fact is 7:32 you hate to be called out for incompetency.

  5. @8:00AM. I don't have a solution. That's why I dint propose one on the comment section of a blog. I don't shoot my mouth off unless I'm prepared to propose one unlike you worthless dummies. It's easy to get a blog and complain, complain complain. Hell you idiots do it ALL day. Not one of you worthless bastards ever has a solution though, and frankly I'm tired of reading the opinions of morons like you..


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