Kansas City 'Pat Clarke Park' Movie Debut

He has been a lifelong advocate for the East Side and over the past few years has dedicated most of his energies to providing a safe place for youngsters to play in the urban core . . .

His efforts were recently recognized in this impressive video promo, here's the description and a glimpse at some good news for change . . .

"The court is not just for dreamers, but kids with a vision. Words to live by from a Phillips 66 ® Live to the Full Hero, Pat Clarke. Watch to learn more about how his incredible impact is changing lives throughout Kansas City."

Take a look:

Mr. Clarke has recently launched a council run in the 3rd District and so far he's a leading candidate for the job.

Developing . . .


  1. OMG He's an asshole.

    Have you ever spoke with him? You don't walk away with any good feelings. A very bitter person who has been on the receiving in of taxpayers dollars while the former Chief of Police designed a role for him to be compensated for a BS position.

    God help the taxpayers of KC if by chance he is elected to an official office.

  2. I agree, all talk, no action pat. If it doesn’t involve him getting free taxpayer money he wouldn’t help his momma across the street!

    1. Bullshyt...anything to uplift black ppl. you all hate on them

  3. ^^^ How many basketball courts do you guys maintain? What have you done to help people? That would be really informative to know. My guess is that all you do is criticize and the do nothing.

  4. 8:20

    Have you dealt with him? I have and he is an asshole. He is very bitter and is always disrespectful towards others who would like to offer help in the inner city.

    Have you been to ANY of the meetings he presided over? If not, please do and then come back and share with us YOUR experience. Thanks

  5. OMG, @7:42, you're an uneducated moron. How do you even survive the day. Why does everybody you know hate you? God you're such a disgusting pig. We laugh at you all the time...did you know that? do you see what unsubstantiated character assassination looks like?

  6. 8:45

    Are you looking in the mirror and talking to yourself again?

    Please get some help for your mental disorder.

    Ok, it could be projection and that is easily cured by taking responsibility for your thoughts, words (those herein) and your actions against others.

    I'll be enjoying my day...the one I create with positive thoughts, words and deeds.

  7. ^^Waste of time/didn't read.

  8. 9:46

    Who you foolin'?

  9. Clarke needs better graphics on his hoodie

  10. Are these videographers serious? Hero? Come on? They don’t know the Pat Clarke I know.

  11. 6:11

    I agree. He is a fraud.

    Thanks to the Former Chief of Police, Clark has been living off taxpayers dollars for years. They figured out a position within the police dept. (under Forte') and decided to pay him. Scam artist.


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