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Right now we celebrate hottie Jess who isn't just a social media "influencer" but also a reality TV star, just like the Prez . . . Accordingly, we share these informative and important local news links. Checkit:

Kansas City PIAC Explained
PIAC isn't PIAC Anymore
Golden Ghetto Obamacare Aftermath

Dropping health insurance altogether? Overland Park direct primary care clinic does just that

It's a whole new way of thinking about healthcare; cutting out insurance altogether, and many times thousands of dollars in deductibles, co-pays and premiums. "The word liberating comes to mind. Freedom. From a patient standpoint from a physician standpoint, it just liberates you," Dr. Haseed Ahmed said.

KCMO Consequences

Man serving life in prison charged in fatal beating of KC woman

A Kansas City man has been charged in the fatal beating of a woman in late 2015 or early 2016. Kevin O. Hurley, 59, was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Brandy K. Helbock-Castaneda, 42. Castaneda's sister reported seeing her last on Dec. 5, 2015.

Missouri Tragedy Overnight

One Police Officer Killed And Two Injured In Clinton, Missouri

Updated 2 a.m. The Clinton, Missouri, Fire Department posted this message on Facebook: "Our hearts ache for our brothers in blue at the CPD. Our community has lost another public servant due to a police officer involved shooting.

Kansas City Royals Spring Winning

Royals sign outfielder Jon Jay

The Royals have signed outfielder Jon Jay to a one-year deal. The 32-year old left-handed hitter batted .296/.374/.375 in 433 plate appearances for the Cubs last year, and was a 1.6 WAR player, according to Fangraphs. He has had an eight-year Major League career with the Cardinals, Padres, and Cubs, batting .288/.355/.383.

Midwest Artsy

Kansas City Poet And Editor Bob Stewart Plumbs 'Working Class Sensibility'

Robert Stewart has nurtured a lot of up-and-coming writers over the decades he's spent as an editor at New Letters magazine and as a writing instructor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. In December, Stewart released a new book of his own poetry.

Kansas City Chill Forecast

HELLO, it's still winter. Cold temps sticking around through Thursday

Watching the chance for more rain Saturday.

Yandel - Sólo Mía ft. Maluma is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. What are roast beef flaps?

  2. ^^^ We've already covered this you silly spammer. They're delicious.

  3. jon jay, what a great baseball name.

  4. PIAC hasn't been PIAC since the council stole money from it to "study" streetcar expansion.

  5. Whatever happened with the alleged Hooter's spitter?

  6. Another police officer killed by a whack job that served time in prison. Do you ever REALLY wonder why cops are a little on edge these days? I could not do what they do because I'd be a total wreck thinking some idiot is going to just shoot at me out of the clear blue because of my job. Another shooting with a semi-automatic weapon too.
    This is a terribly sad thing for the City of Clinton, the state of Missouri and this guys family.


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