Kansas City Gym Rat Suspect Charged With Pound Of Weed Snail Mail Scheme

Local import/export story amid the losing drug war reveals that police are permanently stationed at the post office checking out everybody's packages.

Fox4: KC man accused of having marijuana mailed from Colorado to the metro


According to court documents, on the morning of Feb. 16, Kansas City Police were sorting through mail at a FedEx facility near Universal and Front Street when a cardboard box, shipped from Aurora, Colorado, caught the eye of a curious detective. The detective became suspicious because police say Aurora is a well-known hotbed for drug use.

Police said their drug-sniffing canine, Zina, sniffed out the “paper bag that was taped with clear tape.” An officer then cut the tape from the bag and found two bundles of marijuana, which police say weighed about a pound.

There's a bit of faux outrage about the guy still holding onto a gym job which is probably the least of his problems now that he's confronting draconian drug charges as authorities desperately cling to their regulatory stranglehold on the last American cash crop.

Developing . . .


  1. Meanwhile Mayor Sylvester and Council supported decriminalizing marijuana use/possession in KCMO and local media trips over themselves in support of the politicos.

  2. 1 lb in the mail.. good lawyer it’ll be community service and state sponsored drug classes.... no story here

  3. Hope he had one on retainer.

  4. The guys stupidity on how to ship it doesn't surprise me the fact that KCPD was there sniffing around does. DEA I understand but not KCPD.

  5. Ain't this the shitz? USPS finally delivers a package correctly and this happens.

  6. Legal there not here, unconstitutional.

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