Kansas City Flu Tank Remembered

For those who haven't seen this one already, here's a great look at local medical quackery that was once a grand KCMO display. Take a look:

Why was there a huge steel tank at 33rd and Harrison in the 1920s?

I recently stumbled upon a vintage postcard that showed a huge metal structure called "the tank" at 3310 Harrison. A little research turned up a fascinating story about the tank and the reaction of the neighbors in the North Hyde Park neighborhood when it was in place in the 1920s.


  1. So was the article about the naughty monkey. Hopefully the monkey got spanked for his antics.

  2. Very Interesting

  3. Thank goodness this legacy technology was replaced by a modern electric street train where we transport the virus bugs around town and spread them out.

  4. Now the quacks just push flu vaccines.


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