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Really great insight into a local community coming to terms with a historical shift away from dogma and traditions by the public and some institutions. Take a look:

Are the old church creeds now useless? 3-13-18

In my denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA), we have a book of historic statements of faith called the Book of Confessions. It contains a dozen or so creedal statements that start, historically, with the Nicene and Apostles' creeds. It includes...


  1. Bill is a Lib who pretends to be such a reasonable guy but continually bashes Catholics and actual believing Christians in that passive/aggressive backhanded style of his.

    And yet he will bend over backwards to defend Muslims and their leader who got off on marrying an eight year old girl.

    Even the Star won't carry his stuff...even for free apparently.

  2. Just as Anonymous as You are3/13/18, 5:49 AM

    Don't like Tammeus, eh?
    Is that because he pokes holes in the "We'uns is better than You'uns" crap the Reverend Joe Bob Wayne Dwayne tells you the Bible says?

    Try going back to the REAL "Old Time Religion", where believers are so busy trying to make amends for their own grievous Sins that they don't have time to stick their noses into other peoples Business, or have had the arrogance knocked out of them and don't try to usurp God's role and "sit in Judgement".

  3. Billy Tammy is a wanna-be politician, exactly like the Pope.

    Render unto Caesar and spare me the virtue signalling bullshit from preening, self anointed 'Holy Men'.

  4. Don't care for the Holy Father, Chuck?

    Too bad the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility hasn't been revoked, been there since 1867, still in place! Heresy, anyone?

    Some of us started grinning at what was going to happen to the "Vatican Mafia" as soon as we heard that a Franciscan had ascended to the Chair!

    Guess this one is too popular to poison, eh?
    Maybe the "Organzatzione de Roma" learned a lesson from last time.

    1. Posh Papal City Is Far From Poverty Shitholes3/13/18, 10:11 AM

      He's not FRANCISCAN, he's JESUIT! His birth name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He selected Francis as his papal name.

      If he really wanted to honor Francis of Assisi he'd be living a much simpler life and honoring St. Anthony of Padua's life example,also. Look it up.

  5. Chuck is a gun-fucking rube. When not lubing up his guns, he can be found as the 'Top" for his favorite "bottom" stupid dave.

  6. 5:49, what makes you think Tammeus is actually a believer?

  7. Tammeus bends over backwards to defend the Muslim bullshit, though.

    And he always made excused for the atheists who threatened people on his blog. Until he realized he could get sued if one of the nuts actually did something.

    And the Star didn't like that either, I bet. After all, as was pointed out they don't carry his column anymore.

  8. wait, for once the guy is right it seems. read article.

  9. BT is a prog shill, I'm actually not surprised to hear he's a Presbyterian - I was and am no longer. PCUSA, about 20 years ago, jumped off the deep end of prog ideology. They forced this down through the ranks, even in the smaller churches where prog beliefs were completely unwelcome. This caused a LOT of smaller churches to split, right along political ideology lines. The progs seek to fundamentally change religions, much like obama wanted to fundamentally change America, and have been in a war of attrition for the last 50 years at least.

    Unfortunately the constant creep of progs and their belief system (worship of self and obedience to state) has destroyed the traditional church function. People go to Churches so they can be seen, and play a holier-than-thou card at their whim; complete hypocrites. It's deeply disappointing as Christianity, much to the chagrin of liberals, is the founding theology of Western culture.

  10. It was always the religion of the aristocracy since St Augustine.

  11. Don't worry, @ 9:19 - the next Alt-Right re-written version of the Bible will straighten all "them wrong-thinkin' Liberal Commie Progressives" out, and restore tings so's you proper-actin' White Cousin-Humpers will be back on top agin'!

  12. Liberal Commie Progressives want to have Oprah cast in a "Wrinkle in Time" fantasy version of the Bible where she skips over her POTUS gig and goes straight to being GOD! She's gonna have all the good people portrayed as black and GOD (now, Oprah) will talk (well, more of opera singer styled loud sing song bellows) to them. And, Oprah's rapey 18 yr old cousin who humped her in her early teens will be forgiven and canonized along with her molesty uncle and his molesty friend who repeatedly molested her as a young girl, and Weight Watchers will actually work for her, and everybody in the whole world gets a car!

  13. Bill Tammeus is a Jew hater who pretends he isn't.

    His denomination voted to divest from Israel in an attempt to damage the only functioning Democracy in the Middle East.

    He is a tool.


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