Kansas City Early Friday Morning Serving

With inspiration from Brit coffee babe Haley who continues her fake bake grind to this very day, right now we want to get up to date and share a bunch of local news links that are worth a peek and maybe a click . . . Checkit:

Local Irish Biz Celebration: The oldest Irish-owned business in America is right here in Kansas City

KCMO Traffic Forecast: Expect periods of heavy rain through the morning commute

Deadly Digital Info Dispute: Company says it sent the correct address in the 911 call that led to death of Clinton officer

Keeping Tourists Safe: Kansas City makes pedestrian bridge inspections a priority

Show-Me Another Challenge To The Sancho Guv: New ethics complaint cites Greitens use of charity resources

Coping With More Fracking Earthquakes: Measures Seem To Ease Kansas Earthquakes, But Only After The Tremblors Show Up

Dead-Tree Get Out Of Jail Free Card: At 16, he got 241 years for robbery, kidnapping in Missouri. Leaders call for release

Pricey Kansas City Homecoming: KC Chiefs agree to 3-year, $7.5 million deal with punter Dustin Colquitt

Celebrate More Kansas City Vaporware: ​What is Hyperloop? Everything you need to know about the future of transport

Mayor Sly's Artsy Party: Open Call To Kansas City Makers

This KC Irish Guy Has Heart: St. Patrick's Day Parade has special meaning for one Kansas City bagpiper

More in a bit . . .


  1. Bobby Bostic needs to rot in jail

  2. What about the Kardashians?

  3. What's so different?
    Hoopz had to darken her skin to get into Harvard on a quota, look at her pictures.

    Haley knows a Black with Caucasian features has a lot more chances to get into Media these days.


    Whenever Haley offers to serve me anything I want, I always go for the cafe au lait!!!

  5. Yes, @ 10:24, and after you drink the cup of coffee, you leave!

    That's when Haley calls me up and says
    "Well, the stupid son of a bitch was to dumb to take a hint once again, drop on by when you can, Dude, I'm horny"!

  6. ^^^^^
    Too long didn't read your crap!
    And Haley says you couldn't get hard.


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