Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kansas City Dead-Tree Media Argues For Crisis Gun Grabbing Closer To Home

Here's the newspaper documenting the tragic fact that they have very little in common with most voters on both side of the State Line with this argument against the 2nd Amendment . . . Read more:

Forget Trump's plan. Florida gun law should be the model for Kansas and Missouri

President Donald Trump on Monday offered a disappointing plan aimed at reducing gun violence in the nation's schools. It isn't enough. The states, including Missouri and Kansas, must step in to reduce the threat to all Americans. There were some good ideas in the president's plan.


chuck said...

There ya go. Take guns and the ability to buy guns away from law abiding citizens and then, thugs won't rob, rape and kill you. The Deep State will stop subverting the Constitution and rigging elections for Democrats and at some point, when, like Australia, the Deep State and the Democrat/Fascist overlords who are now in power forever, by way of replacing the middle class with compliant, welfare dependent foreigners, won't make YOU owning a gun illegal.

What a load of shit.

If there was EVAR a time to buy guns, lot's more guns, then it is now. The Government of the United States has been revealed for exactly what it is. The DOJ, FBI, IRS, State Department and the Democrat National Party, "colluded" with a foreign power, Russia, to rig the election, spread disinformation, spy on citizens associated with and NOT associated with an opposition campaign, an opposition incoming administration and did their very best, to Frame the incoming President for non existent crimes, THAT THEY KNEW WERE LIES BECAUSE THEY CREATED THE LIES.

The Obama Brown Shirt Thugs in the streets in Ferguson, Baltimore etc. etc. are the tip of the enforcement spear of the Deep State and unelected Federal Bureaucrats that hate middle class Americans and want them dead or replaced.

Sure, turn in your guns, pass more laws to make law abiding citizens into criminals.

It's such bullshit.

Each weekend, 17 people get killed before lunch on any given Saturday in Chicago, but sure, let's restrict law abiding citizens rights to acquire guns.

Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

^^Yep. Don't like it chuck? Get the fuck out of the country. Things have changed. You did not get the memo. You can always take solace by lubing up all of those guns the NRA conned you into getting, and jam them up your ass. Fucking dummy.

Tunnel Vision Progressive said...

So when is the age to vote and drive a car going to be raised to 21?
Automobiles and abortions take more lives than firearms.
Where is the outrage about that fact?

chuck said...

7:21 Bad news for you shitheel.

I'm not leaving and you, Shug Knight and a fuckin shotgun couldn't make me.

This ain't the Golden Gloves.

So go fuck yourself you anonymous pussy.

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious people like chuck see themselves as a sort of last defense against the tyranny of the government! I would pay lots of money to see these losers make a stand against the government!

chuck said...

8:03 And just like the first Bull Run, you pussies on your picnic blankets would cut and run when you realized it was a real shooting war.

THEN, who would be shitting their pants?

I leave you the field pink-pussy-hat-progs, I am going to work.

Anonymous said...

Hey chuck, you're really old, unhealthy, work a menial job, and are really angry all the time. That's not a good combination. Like it or not, you are going to be leaving and probably a lot quicker than you think. Was THIS what you wanted to be when you grew up? Sad.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Least it appears he has a job while at 8:07 you're still playing on moms computer.

Oh yes, I am not at work either since I took one of my 5 weeks of vacation I get to spend time with my kids doing things this week while they are out on spring break. Did your old job at Mickey's D's pay you for 5 weeks vacation?

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh. Getting on a blog at 8:36AM is how you spend time with your kids? Father-of the year right there. No friends? No hobbies? Nothing better to do? God you're pathetic. Kill yourself.

Anonymous said...

@8:36AM-with your "5 weeks of vacation" you're not going anywhere or doing anything with your kids? You're on here? You sad broke bastard. What good is 5 weeks of vacation if you're just gonna sit on a blog all day? Damn dude, go outside!

Gus said...

Again, the Star proves itself worthy of its primary use- to keep Parakeet shit from falling through the cage onto Aunt Elsie's carpet.

Bitchy Buttboi in the Basement and BathHouse said...

9:24 same as 9:48, saying the same twice like you do to imbeciles in your inbred family stuck in mommy's basement with you, and to your dimwit BathHouse buttboiz. You've got no kids that want to have any part of you. So, back to babbling and hating on yourself.

Anonymous said...

^^You are the same as @8:36AM. You're STILL on here? Goddamn dude, go the fuck outside! Spend some time with your kids you worthless loser!

Anonymous said...

As is his custom Chuck says all that needs to be said!

Anonymous said...

Fist off the writer doesn't have a fucking clue what he is talking about.

Second, fuck the Star. I'll keep my guns and get more, thank you.