Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Kansas City Cowtown Midweek Ketchup

In honor of Wayback Wednesday we share this moment in time when "in 1953 the American Hereford Association erected a big bull on a pylon, lit from within at night, in front of its new headquarters building overlooking the Kansas City stockyards. And it somehow convinced President Eisenhower to come to town to dedicate the bovine. It's perhaps the only giant fiberglass creature ever blessed by a sitting President."

Accordingly, we want to share these news items that are worth a look and maybe a click but not a feature . . . For what it's worth and because it seems we watch a lot of Fox4:

More Deets On Toy Train Secret Rigged Ballot: Applications for KC Streetcar expansion vote now available to eligible voters

Rock Chalk Gun Rights Teachable Moment: No Weapons Violations in First Six Months of Campus Carry at KU Lawrence

More Tragedy News: Missouri police officer is dead after 911 call of women screaming

Follow That Democracy Story: The Daily Developments of the Kansas and Kobach V. Moter-Voter Trial

Have You Seen Her? Then Help Here: KC family desperately searching for missing 18-year-old last seen on Valentine’s Day with ‘older man’

Dead Tree Media Snark: Pat Roberts contemplates six more years of doing almost nothing in the U.S. Senate

JoCo Needs More Po-Po: Lenexa police officer voices staffing, safety concerns to city council

Meet The Low-Wage Future: This burger-flipping robot will make you flip out

Refreshing News: Independence has some of the best water in the country

Meth Town Nasty Report: Man pleads to sex trafficking at Independence motel

Resolution After Hateration: Widow issues statement of love and understanding as accused Austins shooter pleads guilty

Developing . . .


Oswald said...

The Austin shooter should get the death penalty.

Connie said...

Agreed but death penalty is a complete joke in KS who hasn’t used it since 1965. All the legal appeals keep the convicted alive.

Anonymous said...

All shooters should get the death penalty.