Kansas City Confronts La Migra Crackdown

Local slice of life copes with the reality under the current Administration wherein families witness broken immigration promises about starting deportations with "bad hombres" and violent criminals as youngsters and the working-poor are now revealed as the real targets . . .

Fearing Possible Deportation, Kansas City Parents Prepare Kids For Life Without Mom And Dad

For most families in the United States, planning for a future without your parents is not something often talked about - at least, not until adulthood. But for thousands of families with mixed immigration status in the metro, the sudden disappearance of a mother or father - or both - feels like a real possibility.


  1. Follow the laws of this country and that won't happen.

  2. The article states "Neither she nor her husband have criminal records, but they worry all the same."
    They are in the country illegally therefore they have broken the law therefore they are criminals.

    Next case.

  3. The kids should be really pissed off with their parents for putting them in this bad situation.

  4. Prozac is his only friend3/27/18, 8:56 AM

    Looks like some job opportunities coming up for coprophilia gerber baby boy if his mental illness record doesn’t hold him back!!!

  5. Immigration violations are not considered criminal violations, but rather civil violations, therefore when you call these people criminals, you are lying.

    Trump wants to end all immigration of non-white people.

    Melania Trump violated immigration law by working modelling gigs while here on a tourist visa. But then, when's the last time you heard of a white person being deported?

    This isn't about the law, this is about ignorant racism.

    1. Speaking of ignorance, check your statement about Trump's desired immigration policy. You basically quote CNN or Rachel Maddow or whichever leftist is telling you what to think this week.

  6. The reason you don’t hear as much of caucasians being deported is because fewer of them are here illegally. But it does happen. Google the story of John Cunningham in Boston. As for Trump and immigration, the best thing he could do is stop ALL immigration for awhile until the country can get a handle on the current situation. When a sink is overflowing, the first thing that must be done is turn off the water.

  7. Yeah the left gets pissed when you deport illegals, i.e. "Instant Democrats".

  8. Given that 50 percent of Latino children are born out of wedlock it could take centuries to find the parents to prepare their kids for their deportation. ...another drama queen moment shot to hell....

  9. Just deport as many of them as we can. We don't need them and they are a drain on resources that could be used by Americans.

  10. ^^Yes, and also euthanize anyone over 65. They are a tremendous drain on our national resources. Their Social Security and Medicare expenses alone could balance the budget? Plus they offer nothing to the country but problems. Let's do this too!!!

  11. I am 28 and I too think we should get rid of as many illegal immigrants as we can.

  12. I'm 56 and think we need to get rid of as many geezers as we can.

  13. 9:33, while continued physical presence of an illegal alien is not a crime, entry into the country without authorization is a crime. So yes, they are "illegals."

  14. http://www.newsweek.com/republicans-propose-h-1b-visa-expansion-trump-considers-slashing-program-792620

    Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to bring in more immigrants.


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