Kansas City Commences March Madness

Here's a guide to life inside the loop this week as parking spikes and b-ball fans from across the Midwest descend on local party places. Take a look:

Downtown serves March Madness with a side of Hot Sardines

The awesome return of Big 12 Men's Basketball, along with a rich background of arts and entertainment lay the groundwork for a memorable week ahead, Monday to Sunday, March 5-11, including: Big XII Men's Basketball Championship will make its highly-anticipated return to Kansas City, on Wednesday through Saturday.


  1. You Streetcar critics will probably hate me more than you already do, but when it comes to attending events like this at Sprint Center, the Streetcar can be advantageous. Instead of paying a high price to park in the garage next to Sprint, park for free at 3rd and Grand and ride the streetcar for free to 12th and Main then walk 2 blocks to Sprint. Reverse course afterwards. Even if you don’t agree with the whole premise of having built the Streetcar in the first place, it’s here now so you might as well use it and take advantage of it.

    Now, as I expect will happen, you may now start in with the name-calling, profanity-filled threats, posting my home address on your blogs and trying to stalk and incite violence against me.

  2. Or just don't worry about it.


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