Kansas City Blogger: In Praise Of Mr. Rogers

Kansas City's foremost faith writer worships at the cult of the nice guy . . . Here's a worthwhile justification and just a bit of important broadcast history:

Why we still need Mister Rogers: 3-20-18

My bride and I have a four-year-old granddaughter who has fallen in love with Mister Rogers. She watches taped old shows of his and specifically asks for "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" when given a choice of something to see on TV....


  1. thank you and, yes, it is inspirational to remember that one can make a positive contribution while going quietly about one's business, which seems to be an unpopular notion these days.

  2. Tammeus, good to see you taking a break from Catholic and Israel Bashing.

    Now why don't you shut up and go away?

    Or joiner those libtards on the KCMO radio show Religion On The Line at 6:00 on Sunday morning?

    I dare you to a least call in, you phony!

  3. ^^Triggered little bitch. Tammeus owns you.

  4. Christians! Tell your god to stop the murder and birth defects of the unborn!
    Let's hear a reasonable response................

  5. Dear 1:19, God (spelled with a capital G) loves you too. Why I can't figure out, but he does. You poor tortured soul you could probably have a positive affect on things if you ever attended a service at a local church, or said a prayer, or went on a Wednesday evening between 6-7 at a CCatholic church and took the sacrament of Reconciliation.
    You see God does love us all, be we White, Black, Asian, Gay Lesbian, Trans, or whatever minority you aspouse to be. All he asks of us is to do our best to get along and love our neighbor, follow the ten commandments and the Golden Rule.
    As for a Christian God he is the same God of Hindu's, Muslims, Catholics, Lutherans, Espicopalians, and all faiths or like you an Athiest of no faith. I'll pray for your lost soul and maybe you'll feel better.
    As for the unborn, stop aborting them and give them a chance at life, it's the right choice.

  6. Hey 4:16.....why does your god kill innocent babies inside their mothers? Cut the 'you need to do this or that, I'm unborn again, and again, and forever.For seventeen yrs. I had RCC crap shoved into me, and I shook of the shackles of it along time ago........
    Just answer the question, 'why does your god kill babies inside their mothers? I'm waiting..........
    Just answer the question.
    As for the unborn.....just tell your god to STOP it! See what that gets you...
    And knock off the birth defects,,,,,you might ask for that too...eh?


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