Kansas City Blogger: Discrimination Persists Despite Legal Protections

In the world of tech white and Asian lawsuits are the new hotness . . . And right now we wanted to share this INSIGHTFUL Kansas City blogger note that reveals that legislation doesn't always or immediately cure social ills . . . It's a timely fact check for those who think anti-gun or anti-drug laws will end longstanding problems.

Take a look:

Uncommon Courage: The Persistence of Unlawful Discrimination

Real world perspective . . .

"It is now twenty-seven years since Congress amended Title VII . . . My caseload of race discrimination and sexual harassment cases, along with age and disability discrimination cases, has only increased. Recently, I have seen an uptick in sexual harassment and race discrimination. Discrimination is sometimes more subtle, but it sure still exists."

Developing . . .


  1. I like the post but the premise is very interesting.

    Discrimination laws didn't end discrimination

    So why should gun laws end shootings?

    The answer is: They won't.

  2. If it won't make any difference then why do the terrorists at the NRA oppose them?

    Gun control has worked every where it's been tried, except Chicago, which is why it's always trotted out as proof that gun control doesn't work.

    Other countries don't have these killings.

    Apparently, Americans are defective.

  3. ^^Concur. Saying that a law won't make any difference is not a valid argument against it. Let's enact the laws then we'll know for sure.

  4. Translation: disarm Whitey.

  5. Baloney. Pointing out that the law will not accomplish what it intends to do is certainly a valid argument why it should not be enacted. If it would have no positive effect, but would have a negative effect (eroding individual freedom), then it should not pass.

  6. ^^Except that it does NOT erode personal freedom. Another lie sold to the uneducated masses via the NRA. Exactly how does banning bumpstocks erode your personal freedom? if you say "well I can't get one now", well you don't need one! I want a rocket launcher but I can't buy one? How does eliminating the gun show loophole erode your personal freedom? It doesn't. It just means that you have to have the same paperwork required to buy a gun at a store. How does changing the minimum age to buy a firearm to 21 erode your individual freedom? It doesn't You have to be 21 to drink legally and rent a car. Quit using outdated and wrong logic to make your case.

  7. Of course the cases of harassment have increased. There's big money in it for all!

    Congratulations. You've helped to turn legitimate social complaint into a revenue stream for grifters.

    Social justice! Cha-ching!!!

  8. It is resoundingly silly to enact gun control laws that do not address and cannot solve the overwhelming majority of gun crimes.

    Use the laws we have. By definition, laws will not affect criminals and they will make no difference to isolated maniacs bent on killing.

  9. ^^wrong. It is not silly to enact gun control laws. It is absolutely essential. You argument is invalid on the whole. "It is silly to enact gun control laws" Makes zero sense, and fortunately the country is past that stupid line of thinking. Bump stocks are first, gun show loophole next and we have already changed the purchasing age in some states. Quit regurgitating NRA talking points. Nobody is buying that shit anymore.

    1. Useless laws are an imposition to liberty, whether they're about jaywalking or guns or parking spaces. You ignore two key points, and this is why your logic fails. Perhaps the reason why the points are 'regurgitated' so much is that they are never met with rational answers:

      1. Your massive advocacy is not aimed at the gun problem where it exists. This is not even in dispute. What's sadly amusing is that your politics demand action about bump stocks today, but tolerate the ongoing genocide in our inner cities.

      2. The perpetrators of the kind of crimes you want to legislate emotionally about wouldn't be affected in the slightest.

      Chew, digest. Think, if you're allowed.:)

    2. Nanny State Nincompoops Suck!3/19/18, 5:17 PM

      Go ahead, 1:41, parse out the first sentence in 1:35's post to fit your views. So, here's what you missed by ignoring the sensible second half of 1:35's statement:

      Spending more taxpayers' treasure on LAWS that the CRIMINALS and CRAZIES won't be adhering to is FUBAR as all hell!

      Yeah, raise the gun buying age in those states that are willing to toss away reasonable rights and want to give up much revenues. We'll see how long that fascist crap lasts, especially when those the under 21 voters who are hunters, active duty, and Great Young Americans (not those Parkland props the liberal loony fake news parades on their crooked liars clubs at CNN, et al) dissent by ballots and drive up gun sales in the untainted states.

    3. ^^*too long/didn’t read.

    4. Saw 5:17’s title and passed as well.

    5. +1^^^Pass also. Didn’t read.


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