Kansas City Bacchus Ball Booty Shake Clip

Kansas City socialite season is about to start with a favorite event for young, local movers & shakers.

Here's a bit of background . . .

"Formed in 1955, The Bacchus Foundation is the oldest philanthropic, young professional’s organization in Kansas City. Our core mission is to connect young professionals, while raising funds for worthy Kansas City charities. Managed by an all volunteer board, the Foundation selects a different charity as its beneficiary and raises money through a series of parties and events throughout the year. The Bacchus Foundation has raised over $2 million during the past 60+ years for local charities. Our current beneficiary this year is The Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City."

Here's the dancing booty promo for the Bacchus Ball 2018 . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Paul...just Paul3/20/18, 7:01 AM

    Is there any male dancers at this? I just love watching a male dancer in really tight pants showing all he has to offer. Yummy!

  2. Oh my god.

    It’s like 2017 never happened.

    I don’t know whether to say, good for them, or throw up.

  3. Get drunk for charity!

  4. These young women are well on their way to becoming large enough to make Tony's pics.

  5. Sorry geezers, this is not for you. No oldsters allowed. Go complain elsewhere. I'm sure you will.

  6. ^^^ Yes, but we'll complain about you.

  7. As I said, I'm sure you will. It's all you know.

  8. Bored with pettiness3/20/18, 9:20 AM

    Oh, we know a few more things-we know how sorry your pitiful little life is, since all you can do is whine, and we know how desperate your shrunken soul is calling out for any sort of attention.

    Best kill yourself soon with drugs and booze, wheezer, you'll be joining the ranks of us "geezers" in an amazingly short time if you don't - but then you're so deeply into denial that one would think you have a "picture in your attic".

    Oh, and don't dream of "dying young and leaving a beautiful corpse", you can't pass the physical.

  9. ^^Hilarious! You actually said "all you can do is whine" Do you EVEN read yours and every other geezer's comments on here? Gramps, do you EVEN know what irony is? Hilarious!!!!!!

  10. "Oh, and don't dream of "dying young and leaving a beautiful corpse", you can't pass the physical."


  11. ^^^^^ Sorry, couldn't hear what you were saying over the whining, Sonny!

  12. Do they really this promo video is going to convince people to go to the ball?


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