Kansas City Anti-Gun NextGen???

Another example of locals without respect for gun rights and a glimpse at future elections . . . Read more:

Students, staff hold candid meeting on school violence

Sophomore Malea Biswell sat flanked by school administrators in a very outspoken meeting Monday at Oak Park High School. She wasn't in trouble. But, she was concerned. "Whenever the lights turn off in the cafeteria, that actually gives me anxiety," she said to a room of administrators and fellow students in a meeting about school violence.


  1. Drama queen. The rest of the students should have fun turning the lights on ana off in the lunchroom. After a few fainting spells, she'll get used to it. Or not, who cares.

  2. Brats should be seen and not heard. 14 year olds thinking they can dictate policy? Just mow the yard and rake the leaves sonny and keep your mouth shut.

    1. In more nostalgic times they actually did those things.

  3. ^^^your diaper reeks geezer!!!!

    1. (W)HOLE, LOTTA FUDGE3/13/18, 3:33 PM

      Not as bad as your BathHouse buttboiz poopchute munching breath. Give your sore knees and brown tongue a break now.

  4. To much FreeTime and not enough chores. Shoulders are ignorance about how the Constitution and the legislature work should not be encouraged.

    Never pet retards. If you do, next thing you know you've got a yard full of them and every day is a Special Olympics.

  5. "children's ignorance"

  6. ^^^^Bye Gus. Go into the light! Rest assured you failed to matter.

  7. 7:48 stupid fuck. 8:57 It might have been nostalgic, but it was great!

  8. Ha. Her parent should be ashamed. Poor child, not a lick of common sense. We will all pay for her and her bastard kids.

  9. Strange their ohhhh so worried about supposed School Violence ?????

    Yet their NOT too awful damn worried about Shopping Mall Violence , which happens more than school violence

    How about all that Pathetic Degenerate CRAP they listen to , known as Rap Hip Hop music, Glorifying Murder, Rape, DRUGS and Guns ???????

    Not a problem there huh ??????????

    Shows just how idiotic those little Muffin fruitcake kids are and who raised them !!!!!!!!

  10. Tunnel Vision Progressive3/13/18, 7:52 AM

    When all the guns have been banned,
    When all the words have been censored,
    When all the history has been erased,
    When all the freedom has been taken,
    When all the people have been loaded onto boxcars,
    Only then will you discover why our right to bear
    arms was so high on the list.

  11. Hate to break it to you 7:48 but people like me raised a lot of kids who are now voters, as you saw in the last election. They took the country back from you pathetic fucktards and you're going to have a hell of a time prying it away from them. Now you and your little friends run along and have a nice bowl of detergent pods with Clorox for you mid-morning snack. It'll be nap time shortly after that and I hope you have a good long one.


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