Kansas City 2018 St. Paddy's Postscript Playlist

Right now the local "Irish" celebration has only just begun amid a day of boozing and bothering the curmudgeonly denizens of midtown.

Just a few highlights . . .

- On the way back to basement HQ we noticed no less than half a dozen police stops, KCPD isn't kidding around about increased patrols.

- The hipsters and noobs are getting gouged today. Exceptionally costly beer is fair play but ride-share price surging near Westport & P&L District is now at OBSCENE levels . . . Ztrip is attempting to lure people with lower rates but most of the NextGen are locked into their phones and are walking past the controversial monopoly taxi stands.

- Cold kept crowds just a bit lighter this year but the dedicated party people are still out in full force and in sort of a bad mood as the meaner part of St. Paddy's celebration starts to unfold.

Again, we wish the denizens of our blog community good luck and share our St. Patrick's Day 2018 playlist . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


  1. Call it amateur night part II.

    Literally saw a young woman crying because her phone ran out of juice this afternoon. #pleasegobacktooverlandpark

    1. T, don't miss the absolute best part of Saint Patrick's Day. The mad rush to hookup before last call. Politics doesn't have anything on Westport when it comes to strange bedfellows.

      Noah would blush at some of these pairings.

    2. ^^^ The "pairings" aren't so odd. You're just noticing a lot of "Irishmen" willing to experiment tonight.

  2. Call a cab, wear a rubber, hold onto your wallet. It's really not that hard. But then I guess really not that hard is also part of the problem. But you blokes are on your own with that.


    When Holly danced with the pant-less leprechaun, she learned he was not a wee Irishman!!!

  4. How's it going in Westport tonight ? Left that dump at around 8 pm , just saw a bunch of HOMOSEXUALLY ABOUNDS drunk people who were wandering around , staggering, slurring their words , hugging anyone who could stand up , MANY MILFS , drunk pozer panzie ass Snowflake pussies !

  5. Same here as above mentioned poster , pretty much chill , and that's cool . Dunno what's going on in the rest of KILLA CITY . Probably the mayor is hammered by now , hanging out at Diebels on the Plaza TRANNY hangout HUMPPING BOYZ BITCHES punks in the metrosexual Glory hole with the other HOMO TRANNY BITCHES that occupy Diebels queers hangout there .

  6. So sad , no more free speech , the above poster will be deleted , as I too will be deleted , peace and out bitches douchebag Tony !

  7. Hey there TONY , don't delete the truth ! Many thanks for that ! Be honest truthful and your efforts will be recognized by all of the little monkey pecker people who you represent ! Thanks for that.....

  8. They should serve green eggs and koolaid for breakfast at the jail.

  9. It is always fun to see some of the comments overnight. A great sampling of losers along with a few witty remarks. All of them probably drunken of course.

  10. The Kansas City Atheist Coaltion was there with there Anti St Patricks day shit.

    Why don't those fuckers go protest in front of a MOSQUE???

  11. ^^^^^Nobody saw them, nobody cared.

  12. 4:12 speaks the truth.

    But they are a LEGEND...in their own minds! LOL!


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