Joking Kansas City Cordish Tax Breaks

Northeast News has offered some impressive coverage of proposed "Three Light" subsidy that's complimented by this political cartoon clowning the endless litany of bad financial decisions coming out of 12th & Oak . . . Developing . . .retorts illustrated by bryan stalder


  1. How many lights are there supposed to be? I thought the city was obligated for it's three.. are there more??? I say we subtract the 14 million were stuck with on the Power and Light and only give them the difference.

  2. Bryan Stalder is a terrific talent--not just as an illustrator and cartoon maker, but also as a journalist.

    He gets what is SO wrong about Cordish. And the dumb KCMO council for continuing to subsidize them when they don't even pay rent.

  3. tired taxpayer3/7/18, 2:41 PM

    Thanks Tony and Bryan for revealing the cost of refinancing the P&L bonds in 2014 - increased debt by $36 million. Fifteen million annual subsidy lowered in 2014 and 2015 to five million. Why?
    Only apparent reason to help Sly's re-election in 2015. If there is another reason, all you Sly trolls, please share it with us.

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  5. The explanation given for the debt refinancing was to fulfill pension obligations. A short term fix, but an ongoing financial challenge. Borrowing against what we've borrowed. Truly shameful.


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