Jackson County Hot Mess Continues As Legislator Crystal Williams Cuts Loose

Quick round-up as the newspaper plays favorites whilst most voters politely ignore the ongoing hot mess . . .

First up . . .

A Screed From Crystal Who Attempts To Absolve Herself Of Any Responsibility: Jackson County voters are being left in the dark

Meanwhile . . .

Legislator Grounds proposes county charter changes as term limits & more takeaways from the Exec are considered . . .

Developing . . .


  1. If only at least some of these people would spend as much time trying to meet the needs and priorities of Jackson County residents as they do fighting over who is up or down and what THEY want for themselves, what a much better place to live JaCo would be.
    Fortunately about all the county does is "run" the jail (poorly) and assess property (also poorly, so at least the practical damage is limited.
    You really have to search to find much positive between JaCo government and Sly and the gang at 12th and Oak.

  2. It looks like the nine High School Boys Chrystal invited over for a "kegger" are just about to have themselves a GOOD TIME!

  3. Everything is just fine at the county. Morale has never been higher, period! There is a standing ovation, for a full five minutes, when there leaders arrive.


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