Hip-Hop King Of Kansas City Tech N9ne Achieves Another Music Industry Milestone

He works to discover local artists, donates to charity, still struggles to connect with Black audiences and this Summer he'll be playing a hipster beer fest . . . Better still, he's still local and one of the most successful independent musical artists Kansas City has ever seen.

Here's proof:

Tech N9ne Breaks Record for Most Top 10s on Rap Albums Chart

Tech N9ne breaks the record for the most top 10 albums by any artist on Billboard's 14-year-old Top Rap Albums chart as his 19th, Planet, debuts at No. 7. The set, which arrives on the chart dated March 17, pushes the rapper above the sums of Gucci Mane and E-40 -- each with 18 top 10 albums -- since the ranking began in January 2004.


  1. There is no denying tech is a great business man.

    Saw him at rock fest and also learned that his is one of he best performers I've ever witnessed on stage. The guy's energy and craft is a amazing.

  2. not my cup of tea but I can't think of any other KC musician that has charted more than Tech N9ne.

  3. Just great, some of my favorite Tech 9 lyrics

    Yo, beware of us niggas, better to be scared of us niggas
    We wiping away niggas who so much as glare at us niggas
    I run from the law with my niggas, down with the fall with my niggas
    How many of the niggas from the inner city are down to brawl with my niggas
    I hang with gang bang niggas, got the niggas, you name the niggas, I got the niggas
    Like Big Dog, Mac Mac, Will and Foster nigga
    I run with killer niggas, then I hang with these nigga who produce thriller nigga
    You know the nigga that the did the wiz color purple Q-Jay top thriller nigga
    I'mma live nigga, I'mma die nigga, I'mma fly or I'mma gonna fry my nigga
    If I do, if I do ya'll go to the record store and buy nigga

  4. Hey chuck wonder if he would be allowed to sing that song in a Hooters?

    But would you of I be allowed to sing that song in public anywhere?

    1. You shouldn't even be allowed in public, Stupor Duck.

  5. Excellent point.

    We would be arrested, indicted and prosecuted in the media and probably in court.

    The megaphone belongs to the Fascists - Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and the Monolith that is the Progressive/Antifa/Democrat/ party, The Deep State and the 4th Estate.

    Fuck them all to hell.

  6. ^^^Jesus, you two fags go suck each other off elsewhere. Tech is not for you. Go put on Lee Greenwood & fuck each other all you want, just take it off here.

  7. Nigga, nigga, nigga. Wow, what a great lyricist. A true poet laureate.

  8. 7:51 shut up dumbass

  9. 7:51 is a little punk ass sonny boy, ignore his retarded rants and fits of stupidity, he can’t contribute anything worthy to this blog because he only “gaduated” from KCPS


  10. Face it, American Blacks are just racist people with a huge chip on their shoulder. Look at Michelle Obama, so our society just lets them get by with this crap. After all they need room to destroy because they have been so mistreated.

    Lets confront this "nigga" and show him just how afraid of him we are. War is coming! Courtesy of people like Sly James, the Obama's and everyone's favorite Beyonce!

  11. ^^But, ButtChuck & StupidDave contribute mightily to the discourse?

    Down by the River, I shot my lady - Neil Young

    Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand? Hey, dig it man, I'm going down to shoot my old lady - Joe South

    Just two quick examples

    But, it's okay, because these guys were white.

  12. I agree with 7:51

  13. Hey Joe was a ballad about a guy and his unfaithful woman.

    Anyway 8:31, you missed the whole point it's the use of the word nigga or nigger and the fact that niggas are killers and is portrayed by Tech9 and many blacks artists as a cool thing to do and say. Tech9 and many blacks feel they have a right to use all those words but anyone of the white race.

    But as normal people such as you come along and try to twist things.

  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^And you think you do? Whats the matter the truth too much to handle?

  15. Have no fear Tony be along in a few minutes and delete 9:11's stupid ass.

  16. No @8:53AM, I think the point was that chuck and stupid dave are two of least qualified people to comment on race as both are worthless racists in addition to being worthless fags.

  17. ^^^^^^Grow the fuck up

  18. I'm really torn on the Tech Nine issue, and as I age, I find I've geezered-out of rap. I've seen Tech Nine at two shows, rock fest and the Blue Note in CoMO, have a couple albums and have listened for years. He puts on a good show, and most of his lyrics are not what Chuck posted above, far more story based with life experiences (similar to Eminem). That said, he gears his lyrics to bring in the ghetto/thug audience he craves, though without a doubt, what propelled him to where he is is the suburbanite kids who could put on a "cool black guy album". I'd say most of his plays are from people like the character John Bolton on the intro of Office Space.

  19. Nuance is lost on 8:31.


    Those songs you mentioned were an apology of sorts, an elegy.

    Progs are loud and belligerently stupid, and, then again, proud of their own blinkered stupidity.

    No wonder Progressives love RAP.

  20. ^^No wonder geezers die alone

  21. Nuance is lost on 12:52 Chuck and stupid dave are fags for each other. Period. End of story.

  22. Thank God KC tops the list of shitty thug music towns. Would have bee awful if Omaha had outdone us again.

  23. @ 12:57 comments that "Geezers die alone" - that's because, when word gets out that pussies like him are dying, people come from miles around to PARTY!

  24. The Greater Kansas City3/16/18, 3:27 PM

    And the critics here missed the point.

    Debate his music all you want, but you can't argue or deny his success.

    It's not easy. There are tons of rappers who have burned out and faded away but Tech N9ne has created a sustainable business model and that deserves respect, even if you don't care for his content.

  25. He should play where cows shit.

  26. ^^Kansas City?

  27. Techn9ne, pride of Lee's Summit! Holla for our most distinguished black resident!


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