Saturday, March 03, 2018


We can argue due process and Soros conspiracy theories all day . . . The reality is that Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is damaged goods after deets of his adulterous revenge pr0n scandal have been made public . . . Only the most cynical partisan hack would argue otherwise . . . And so the bigger question becomes . . .

Is The Guv Going To Give Sen. McCaskill the boost she needs to beat AG Hawley???

Importantly, and something that Democratic Party cheerleaders overlook, the top-ranking GOP contender is already breaking ties with the disgraced politico and confirms an investigation into the Guv's sketchy charity in order to distance himself from the drama.

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Democrats are using the Missouri Governor scandal to attack GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley

Greitens last week was indicted on a felony invasion of privacy charge stemming from an extramarital affair that occured in 2015. Greitens, whose governorship is at risk as he faces both an indictment by a St.


KC Prima Nocta said...

Greitens is selfish?

The hell you say!

What would give you that impression?

My governor can have sex with anybody he wants.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism should be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

It is all part of The Devil's plan to re-elect mccaskill. The establishment repubs, may well get rid of Greitens, but in doing so, they will cause the Greitens voters to stay home. Ole Josh has up to this point ran a half-assed campaign. Going after Greitens may endear him to the Danforth Wing, but they don't have the numbers to defeat mccaskill, if the Deplorables stay home. Just another Show Trial.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ, nobody likes the multi millionaire claire

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Anonymous said...


Greitens had an extramarital before he entered politics. He called it a mistake, and apologized to all Missouri residents.

When Claire McCaskill was Jackson County Prosecutor her husband was charged with drug possession. She lied to the public, claiming that she had no idea he abused drugs. He was later killed in KCKS related to a drug deal.

Later, while still a Missouri elected official, McCaskill got caught multiple times not paying her taxes on a Lake of the Ozarks property and her private airplanes. She also got caught misusing campaign funds for personal travel. Her latest husband, a St. Louis multimillionaire who profits off government reimbursement to his nursing homes, was caught using private Senate facilities on Capitol Hill to conduct his private business dealings. In each case when caught, McCaskill blames someone else, attempts to shift the blame, and fails to take responsibility for her unlawful actions.

In 2012, Democrat McCaskill was about to lose her Senate seat to Republican challenger Todd Akin. McCaskill had actually contributed money to a candidate in the Republican primary, hoping to advance her weakest opponent on to the general election. When Akin made a poorly worded off-the-cuff comment concerning rape, McCaskill and her liberal media stalwarts jumped all over him, essentially calling him a misogynistic raper. Republican leadership abandoned Akin, giving the election to McCaskill.

Now in 2018, McCaskill must be thinking she can relive her 2012 miracle, attempting to paint Attorney General Hawley as Greitens twin brother. She's egging on a nutcase St. Louis Circuit Attorney who's pressing a fabricated indictment without any victims. And many of the state Republican leadership are playing right into McCaskill's scheme by abandoning the Governor to side with radical St. Louis leftists who seek to recreate the Ferguson riots across our state.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Another Chicken Dinner Winner!

Anonymous said...

KUDOS 12:42! Outstanding analysis. While I might debate that state republican leadership is an oxymoron, mccaskill plays those DUMB GREEDY SOBs like a drum, every damn time.

Anonymous said...

I imagine Greitens googles his name a lot to see wht others say.
Please don’t say negative stuff as they may hurt little Eric’s feelings and he might have to use some schoolboy tactics like name-calling and getting his friends to come help his big lobbyist friends who will help little Eric since he might pay them.
Someone should tell little Eric that to do a proper pull-up one needs to have to be on the the ground to pull himself up properly and if being on the ground is a good start... Little Eric has a great start.
Please resign on or before April 1Governor Ducktape.

Anonymous said...

3:31 Off your meds again, eh? Perhaps, you can repost when you're a little more coherent?

Anonymous said...

Google Governor Duct tape and guess who comes up?
From LA to NY... thanks to the little guy just below the belt on our fearless “leader” in Jeff City...Missouri is now The laughingstock of the US.
We hope it’s all a mistake and he is innocent as charged and any other charges that might come up during any other investigations.
Maybe everyone is throwing charges at the wall to see what sticks?

Anonymous said...

The Republikkklan Party is just a collection of racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, sexual assaulters & abusers, and various enablers that are OK with those views and actions. Greitens is yet another terrible face directly linked with those worst elements.

They will not change. So they have to be replaced.

The party of Trump will continue to brazenly loot the country and bilk taxpayers until they pay a price at the polls. A wave is going to sweep out many of these Greedy Old Perverts in state and national races in November and ensure McCasskill holds her seat.

Anonymous said...

Rumor mill in Jeff city is greitens had many more women including hot college girls while governor. Don’t know if this is true but those are the rumors

Anonymous said...

Greitens hasn't fallen!!! Show me the evidence.

Anonymous said...

10:21 comment = Psychotic Living In Non-Reality

You said: "The Republikkklan Party is just a collection of racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, sexual assaulters & abusers, and various enablers that are OK with those views and actions."

Hillary Clinton called young black males "super-predators"!
Bill Clinton sent more black males to prison after overseeing the reclassification of drug laws.

Bill Clinton raped countless women and girls while Arkansas' Attorney General, Governor, U.S. President, and retired.

Hillary Clinton opposed gay marriage for years until public opinion turned, despite being a lesbian herself.

10:21 = Sour grapes, sour pussy.

Anonymous said...

11:00 WELL SAID! Spot on!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely anybody but Claire !!!!!!