Fear Unsavory Kansas Corporate Chicken Bill

A giveaway that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of rural residents and a mark against the incumbent Guv hoping to claim reelection support. Read more:

Kansas Governor Signs "Tyson Bill," Despite Protests - Modern Farmer

Kansas governor Jeff Colyer just signed a bill that, on the surface, looks like a minor change in poultry production legislation-that is until you talk to the people who have been protesting it for the past six months. Late last year, plans for a gigantic new Tyson plant in Tonganoxie, Kansas, just outside Kansas City, leaked.


  1. Search "Tyson Chicken Importing Somalis" for the real story.

  2. ^^^No. Don't care.

  3. Search “President Trump exporting Liberians” for the real story too.... MAGA


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