Downtown Kansas City UMKC Kangaroo Conservatory Reconsidered?!?

Not really . . . But here's some local incentive and hype touted among the local civic elite in order to keep the pressure on the Guv now embroiled in an ongoing scandal. Take a look:

Missouri Legislature Might Still Consider Funding New UMKC Conservatory Building

The Missouri Legislature might once again consider funding for a proposed downtown campus of the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance. The legislature approved $48 million in state funding last year, but it was vetoed by Governor Eric Greitens in June.


  1. I wouldn’t fund that irrelevant school a penny.

  2. They have already mooched enough taxpayer money for one lifetime.

  3. Great a whole building to educate future unemployed. One maybe to graduates a year will go on to earn a living in the arts on the east or west coast thanks to millions in Missouri taxes. Expand the sciences, technology and business schools, not the artsy fartsy feel good crap.

  4. another taxpayer bailout for downtown

  5. Interesting post at 11:13 a.m. - future unemployed? Possibly, but how about getting rid of ALL music out there - especially the hip hop, rap, thump thump thump crap. Or the whiny white chick singing through their noses about NOTHING. Or some country crap where all the singers sound the same. Yes, please.....let's do away with music and musicians. I'm all for it.


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