Dead-Tree Media Against Death Penalty

There's a valid argument to make against state-sanctioned killing . . . This bleeding heart screed doesn't do that and instead speaks to progressive talking points that prize paperwork and legalese over growing public demand for justice. You decide . . .

The death penalty doesn't deserve to live. Abolish it in Missouri and Kansas

It's long past time to acknowledge that there are many reasons the state should stop executing prisoners. Even for the most egregious crimes, and with no exceptions. There is no valid rationale for keeping the government in the business of capital punishment.


  1. "There is no valid rationale for keeping the government in the business of capital punishment." First, it's not a business, it's a hobby. Second, there are many reasons to keep the death penalty in place, for instance: it reduces the recidivism rate to zero, and it invalidates the likelihood that some loony left judge will set the killer free because the prison does not provide enough cable channels.

  2. ^^^^Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  4. Killing does not teach that killing is wrong.

  5. Murderers already know killing is wrong you half wit. They commit their crimes without remorse for the victims or any concern of what is acceptable or legal in society. Capital punishment serves the purpose of putting potential murderers on notice if they follow through, it's going to cost them their own life. As noted above it is a sure cure for repeat offenders.

    Since hanging has fallen out of favor I prefer firing squads. Inexpensive certain and pretty quick . I can give a shit less about painless.

  6. There's too much process today. Heck Guilty on Friday, execute on Saturday. Might even draw a crowd and sell some beer. All these appeals,request for clemency, excuses as to why not...throw em all out....maybe criminals know they die day after guilty, they may think twice....Just like old days of 1800's

  7. Banish to the ice mines in Antarctica for penal servitude.

  8. ^^Stupid response. Knee-jerk, poorly though out. Appealing to the lowest common denominator. Fourth grade classes can, and do better.

  9. Fourth grade classes would put together a beter counter argument than you did, 10:39.

  10. If you're gonna' have it USE IT. Enough of this 20 years to get there. If there's no doubt about the persons guilt do it and get it over with. Put it on pay per view. Like the shooter in South Carolina that killed 9 people he wants it why delay and keep the anti death people out of filing appeals on prisoners behalf if they don't want it.

  11. FACTS :

    To the pathetic Degenerate Democratic "Snowflake" Liberal editorial Board at the pathetic Kansas City Star.

    There is NO reason to keep around 2 and 3 time Felonious CAR JACKERS either !!

    There is NO Reason to keep around Hardcore murderous Felons convicted multiple times for murders !

    There is NO reason to keep around "SERIAL KILLERS" responsible for murdering numerous women over a period of time

    There is NO reason to keep around Convicted hard core drug dealers with multiple convictions and criminal records who LOVE to sell DRUGS & DOPE to your KIDS and kill them and or ruin their lives as well as their famalies


    There is NO reason to keep the pathetic disgusting KC Star around either, the KC Star has proven thru the years, they are NOT worth the paper its printed on !!

    There is NO Denying it - you Newspaper RAG sucks and has for years , hince the decline of your paper and subscribers !!!!

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bring back swift hanging in the public square and hang the first libtard that bitches about it.

  13. ^^or the first repubtard, shitflake who poses worthless 4th grade stuff like this^^^ Come back when you grow up little boy.

  14. ^^^ You must be in fifth grade sonny boy.

  15. What do you expect from the liberal star, they must have family in prison headed to the chair!

    And since sLIE , um the taxpayers own the star, they must follow king sLIE’s rules or else


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