Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Cynical Newsies Suspect That Alleged Creeper Wrote Ridiculous Missouri Anti-Pr0n Bill

In the ongoing crusade to take away more personal liberty . . . Here's the Missouri GOP barely giving their attention to an anti-pr0n crusade of a political pariah and then quickly backing down . . . A great read for those who want insight into the process of legislative sausage-making. Read more:

Missouri Legislators Want to Block Your Online Porn Access

click to enlarge The Alabama man who calls pornography as a "public health crisis" and wants to force manufacturers of smartphones and computers to block it from the Internet may well be a laughing stock in the rest of the country. But in Missouri, he's writing legislation.


Anonymous said...

Good luck passing this in that den of male whores known as the Missouri legislature

Anonymous said...

Nothing but a bunch of fucking Jeff City wankers and fappers!

But we already suspected that.

Anonymous said...

Duct Tape at least didn't "wank and fap", he humped and lied!

Anonymous said...

I've just about had it with Missouri. Now they want to tell us what we can wank too. I'm betting they will change the bill and just an another tax.